RPDR S4, E14: RuPaul Reunited Part II

I have to confess something: the Queen wasn’t really very excited about blogging Drag Race. It was Bianca who convinced me to commit to it. And it was you Miss Things who made it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I know that sounds very dramatic. But I am, after all, a sometimes flamboyant homosexual male.
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RPDR S4,E11-The Fabulous B*tch Ball: One Last Untuck

In the Queen’s opinion, this season of Untucked was different than the past two, in that the focus was at least equally split between stereotypically bitchy queen behavior and a thoughtful exploration of Drag. Somewhere in between Jiggly and Phi Phi’s borderline schizophrenic and juvenile tirades; we also got some heartfelt discussions on bullying and acceptance of differences.

This was not an episode involving the latter.
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RPDR S4,E10-DILF’s Top & Bottom


Where do they find these dudes?

Do they cruise Target, and follow guys with kids in tow who surreptitiously steal glances down the Maybelline aisle, and stare longingly at the Jason Wu Women’s Collection?
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RPDR S4, E7: Dragazines- The Conde Nasties

All right, before tonight’s episode, let’s remind ourselves why the other lady boys should have never gone to press…

You know what? The Queen is actually tired of talking about this episode. The dolls didn’t listen. So instead–let’s just give the future Drag Race contestants some ideas for NEXT season.
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