As the Queen said in his first post in January: “I’ll be setting up for a while, so you can tell me what pictures to hang in the Living Room (I do NOT do poker playing dogs or Elvis on velvet)…”. Well, now is the time on Sprockets when we dance.

As you can see, FBQ has a new theme, and we’re trying out some new widgets that, hopefully, will make your navigation around the blog a little easier. Let me know what you think. Is the theme too standard for a Fierce Black Queen’s blog? Are there things you’d like to see changed around or added? Let the Queen know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Also (if I can figure how to make use of WordPress’ functionality) this is where you’ll find the latest content in the future. And please remember that I’m always interested in finding out what you think that content should be. I can’t believe it’s only been a little over three months since I began this shindig. I am beyond grateful to everyone who has stopped to take a look at, and be a part of, my little blog. From the fierce Miss Things who’ve been here since almost Day 1, to those fabulous folks who have recently hopped on for the ride. I hope we continue to spend a few fierce moments in the day together.


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16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. HI FBQ

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog very much. I’m a 26 year old black female in London England. I first came upon your blog via sharon needles facebook, and though I love you drag race musings, I especially enjoy reading your posts of a more personal nature…. what it means to you to be a middle aged gay black man, how black men are perceived in society etc. I have much I’d like to comment on but so little time as I have 2 little ones who keep me busy plus a career I am trying to get off the ground! BUt thank you so much for being who you are and writing this blog.

    peace and love


    • v

      I think the most unexpected thing that blogging has given me is the gifts of posts from incredible people like you. As much as I love recapping RuPaul (Oooh! What a great title for a post!), there are so many other things I want to share. Knowing that not only the tried and true Miss Things enjoy reading other content; but that new Miss Things do as well is an infusion of joy into my day that truly does humble me.
      I sincerely hope you keep reading, and contributing when you’re not running around after (which of course, is really never) those two beautiful souls who are going to change the world.

      Hey! Here’s a thought: to give yourself a tiny respite, sit them on your lap and let them type to their heart’s content and submit THAT. I would LOVE to read what they have to say–even if I’m not quite evolved enough to understand their higher level of communication! Many, many blessings and:

      Thanks again for posting.
      scottyf (aka FBQ)

  2. Scotty, love your blog and I’m soooo glad I found you again after missing your commentary elsewhere. One tiny criticism: I don’t know if I’m really feeling this “Welcome” page. I’d rather go to a regular homepage where I can see the last x number of posts rather than clicking from the welcome page to the most recent post, and then having to click through each previous post individually. It’s not always clear if I’ve missed a post or not. Also, the comments from the original “Welcome” page show up underneath whatever the current post of the day is, which could be confusing. It won’t stop me from coming here or anything, by any means, because I am loving the RPDR commentary (I found you because Sharon linked to you, then realized OMG! it’s you! Serendipitous!) and the thoughtful social commentary, and there is so much to like.

    • Hey RWD!

      Glad you found this place too! Thank you so much for posting, and thank you for the comment about the Welcome page. I’m new to all of this, and i need all the suggestions that I can get.

      I’m not sure I like this page either. It was a suggestion from a friend, but I’m not sure it’s working with this configuration. I’m going to give it a couple more days and then see about returning to my original format. Sure hope you stick around and continue to give input. Thanks!

      • Thanks for responding. I forgot to mention another reason why I like the first way (which it seems you’ve reverted to, yay!): I can scroll through and see where there are new comments, which is great because it’s part of what I really like about this site. I like the interaction between the readers and you.

        What I wouldn’t give to have a drink with Ms. Needles and you. We’d have a time!

  3. Scotty,
    This is very “off topic” from anything that you write about. However, because I have contributed to this Blog on occasion, I wanted to also extend the opportunity to you and your readers. My submission has been accepted for a chance to be featured in Tyler Perry’s next Project, and so I am Posting here to ask for your votes. The process is as simple as clicking (or copying and re-Posting) the link below, watching the 3minute Video, then on the bottom-left, click the “Vote for This” button. There is no limit to the amount of times one can vote, either, which is awesome. Thank you SO MUCH for your Blog. I REALLY enjoy the time I spend reading and responding to your Posts. If you feel inclined, please take the time to show your support. Thank you, Countess Gratitude (also known as LaTónya Rosetta Reed ) Thank you SO MUCH. I am SO GRATEFUL to all who have voted for me thus far.


    Our submission has been accepted as a possibility to win an appearance in Tyler Perry’s next movie. Please click on the link, below and cast your vote for my submission clip, please! Many thanks. All it takes is one click… well, two, including the Vote! Many Thanks. Also, please pass on the Link to your family and friends, asking them to vote, too. Every Vote counts. Thank you, so much! CAST YOUR VOTE NOW, PLEASE….


    Thank you so much! Every vote counts.

    Have a great day.


  4. You warned us that if you went silent, it would be an anticipated, “taking care of business” silence & not that some calamity had befallen.

    Thanks for the warning, I hadn’t realized how long a gap of just a few weeks in your offerings would seem. Feels like longer than 14 days!

    Hope you’re well and feel that you’re doing what needs to be done – wish you well, I know I’m not the only one thinking of you regularly!

  5. As previously, just a note to say hi and let you know you’re in my thoughts, and probably the thoughts of many others. (I post here rather than through your facebook or email because I pursue a [probably futile] attempt to keep my purely personal on line footprint separate from those accessible to colleagues & distant relatives. Or at least to set them up so some minimal effort is required to link them up.)

    Hope your burdens are lightening and your good days accumulating!

  6. Next comment is going to have to go on another page. I am monopolizing this one. But, for now, may I say: I think of you? And I’m sure others do also. Hope you’re well! Feels like more than 8-ish months since your last posting here.

  7. Thought of you today, hearing a surprising number (to me) friends and colleagues share the joy at what it will mean to them that DOMA was upheld. Hope there is some joy in your days.

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