The goal of Musings of a Fierce Black Queen, is to give a platform and a voice to a segment of the population under-represented on the web: the Middle Aged Black Gay Male.

A Generation Joneser who grew up in the dawning of a new Pop Cultural Era, the Queen struggled to find images and role models which reflected his diverse tastes in everything from music to fashion. As he grew older, the struggle continued in the workforce and personal life. Now comfortably settled in Middle Age, and no longer defining himself by other’s standards, he seeks to deconstruct the present world of media and politics through the eyes of an aging (but not old) African American Diva.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey ScottyF, Glad I found you! I’m not sure what happened at T and L but I sincerely hope I wasn’t someone who pissed you off. Just signed up as one of your followers as I miss your witty repartee. I don’t really care what you blog about; I just enjoy your particular “take” on things. But I really would like to hear your comments on RuPaul’s Drag Race when it starts up…hint hint…… Best wishes for a great New Year!!

  2. Thanks SO much for taking the time to post MK Connell!

    Trust me, it was nothing that any of the posters said. if you’re interested, I wrote an open letter to the boys which, I hope, explains my actions.

    What I Should Have Said

    Thanks for the suggestion of commenting on RPDR. I think I’ll take you up on that. Can’t think of a more appropriate show for a Fierce Black Queen to follow. I too wish you much joy and prosperity in the New Year.

  3. And I’m glad I found you as well! I just posted a long comment on your “What I Should Have Said” (and VERY well said, it was) about the goings on “over there.” The kittens have started stirring, looking around and saying, “Hey! Where’s Scotty? What have you done?” Let us know what you want us to do promotion-wise. Maybe provide a link whenever somebody asks?

    Glad to see this is what you’ve been up to!


  4. Hello ScottyF!

    “Mefein” over at TLo’s blog mentioned your presence elsewhere online today (since your absence there is becoming more and more noticeable & lamented.)

    Hope you don’t mind if I (no doubt there will be quite a few) follow you here. If you did want to keep all or part of this platform blocked from crossover traffic, I won’t be offended. There’s a world of difference between commenting on a blog that’s focused on a restricted few topics and writing your own.

    I missed most of the Big Jude Law Tempest, though I saw a few postings that made me uncomfortable. I hadn’t realized till I got here that that was the tipping point for your absence, just hoped your life was too full, in a good way, for blog time.

    I ‘ve missed your presence there. You brought a lot to the table, and brought it in a usually amusing way, and you went to great lengths to be positive and to give others the benefit of the doubt. Hope to read you here & hope life is treating you well.

    aka FormerlyAnon

  5. Hi ScottyF,

    Add me to the list of those who have missed your witty and insightful comments at TLo.

    I, too, experienced the sting of another well known blogger’s unfair, defensive and unwarranted “attack.” (To be clear, NOT Tom or Lorenzo.) I have never again visited that site even though his Mad Men blog was excellent reading.

    The thing I learned from that experience is that certain people consider themselves too knowledgeable and “perfect” for anyone to disagree with their opinions or even gently tease them as you did.

    You seem to be too gentle and self-aware to fall into this trap. I hope you manage to stay that way once people begin piling on the praise you so richly deserve.

    Best of luck,

  6. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I’m thrilled to have been introduced to your blog through Sharon Needles’ link on Facebook. Your writing and observations are interesting, informative and entertaining, as are the comments of your followers. I look forward to upcoming posts as well as the many hours to come I plan to spend combing through your archives. It’s always a pleasure to find something new and well-done to read on the internet. Thanks so much for your writing!

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