RPDR S4, E14: RuPaul Reunited Part II

I have to confess something: the Queen wasn’t really very excited about blogging Drag Race. It was Bianca who convinced me to commit to it. And it was you Miss Things who made it one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I know that sounds very dramatic. But I am, after all, a sometimes flamboyant homosexual male.

So here are a few more Highlights and Low-Lifes from Monday’s show.

Let’s All call her Jiggly

The Queen takes it all back: this girl is ‘Hood all the way.

"My brother gave me a gift, like after his tax return check came, he decided to give me sewing lessons..."

Trannie Translations

Cute reference–even if the bit fell a bit flat. I wonder how many of the young queens actually knew who Charo was?

"RuPaul, I very confused...I cannot understand a word that bitch is saying!"

Let’s Drag it out even more

It was wonderful to see Ru’s self-mocking of the fuckery involved with the bait and switch in the Finale.

"Ladies and gentleman: to set the record straight about Willam...you'll have to tune into this season's premier of RuPaul's Drag U coming this summer on Logo. Just kidding! JK Miss Thing!"


Boyfriend got what he wanted: infamy and his own segment. So they say it was conjugal visits with his partner. Yeah. Right. If that actually were the case, then I’d REALLY be pissed, because you KNOW other queens have had boys in over the last four seasons.

Large and in Charge

And the right person won Miss Congeniality. Condragulations to a FIERCE BLACK QUEEN.

Phi Phi’s Phinish

Very satisfying conclusion to Miss O’Hara’s story. The Queen didn’t even mind sitting through another session of Jiggly’s water works. And whatever else you might say about him, he looked STUNNING.

"I'm a egomaniac--everybody knows that, but like...she should be studied down there...I don't understand it. It's almost sociopathic the way she'll tell people, um, it was "..just a character I'm just playing it up." And then she'll sign autographs: 'Fuck Willam', 'Fuck Sharon' It's not cool. And I understand that it's a game; and I never retaliated on the show because I didn't care. And indifference is worse than hate and I'm not going to Rupologize for anything that I'm doing now."

“Oh bitch! Oh bitch! Consider that word STOLEN honey! My new album will be called “Rupologize” on iTunes.”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this bitch is FIERCE. Leave it to Willam to provide the perfect climax. From Day 1, this dude got the fact that RPDR is entertainment. He understood his place in the competition and handled it better than any other queen I’ve seen play the game. It must be so refreshing to be able to play the bitch by being honest. Thank you SO much Willam for understanding that the fans would have been royally pissed if Phi Phi didn’t get a good dressing down by someone. If you still read the Queen’s blog, I have to say that I expect greater and greater things from you. I don’t consider myself a conventional “fan”, but I’ll be watching you and Sharon as such. You both are testaments to staying true to artistry and your vision. It has, and will be an honor to watch both of you rise in celebrity and craft.

Once. Twice. Three times a Lady.

Truer words were never spoken.

RuPaul: Chad Michaels, I want to thank you for elevating this beautiful race to the highest. You are a Class Act.

The Queen is going through one of the most challenging periods in his half a century on this planet. Sometimes I’m not sure I’m going to make it through. Waking up in a funk, and then realizing that you have special folk to talk to around subjects that inspire passion, suddenly makes life beautiful for a little while. And the gift of having two of the contestants take an interest in my blog was icing on the cake. Thank you Willam. Thank you Sharon. And especially, Miss Things–thank you SO MUCH for making my life beautiful. Now that RPDR has come to a close for the season, I am supremely blessed to have you all and Bianca in my life. I look forward to our next beautiful adventure.

In the words of the Diva who brought us all together: “If you can’t love yourself…how in the HELL are you gonna love anyone else?”


And fabulous accessories.


21 thoughts on “RPDR S4, E14: RuPaul Reunited Part II

  1. Scotty, I have to say that this blog brings me great joy and much fun. You also make me think about things in a different way, which is, after all, what learning is about. And you give me satisfaction when you express an opinion that is exactly like mine.

    I don’t even know why, but I always feel I can be totally honest and open here. I’m generally not one to talk about my more personal experiences, and problems I might be having with my family, my friends, or my husband. Or myself, for that matter. That’s why I tend to lay low when you ask a question that requires some soul searching, or brings up some personal pain of mine. But, for whatever reason, I know this is a safe place.

    Also, I love the people who comment here. They’re smart and funny and great to hang out with in that internet sort of way. A part of me wants to see you have great success with FBQ, but another part sometimes hopes it stays just the way it is right now. It’s a jackass-free zone, and those are hard to find on the interwebs.

    Thank you for everything you do.

    Hugs and kisses. And fabulous accessories.

  2. On a much less serious note, I really loved RuPaul Reunited. I’ve read some criticisms, but I thought it was lots of fun. The opening number was a hoot, and everybody looked so fabulous. I did a gay gasp when I saw Madame LaQueer. I thought she looked gorgeous.

    Latrice! My girl looked friggin’ awesome. That standing ovation about made me cry, and I am not a crier. Then it got a little dusty again when she read that letter from the mother of a 10 year old girl who’s been dealing with bullies. I don’t even know if Latrice wanted to be a role model, but she’s so amazing that it was bound to happen anyway.

    She is Latrice Motherfucking Royale. Bow down bitches!

  3. “thank you SO MUCH for making my life beautiful.”

    YOU are beautiful…so glad your life is catching up to you in that regard.

  4. Peace, Scotty. Pleasure.

    And, wasn’t it nice to see RuPaul look like she was enjoying herself? I miss her live-audience persona; she has a gift with it that I’d love to see more of (spent a weekend YouTubing the RuPaul Show this month, which happened when I was down & out & didn’t have cable…)

    • Yes, I so enjoyed watching the RuPaul show for a while when my cable subscription and its airing coincided. (Not entirely tangentially, I think Isaac Mizrahi was a much more enjoyable personality on his own show than he’s been as a judge/guest on any of the fashion competition shows.)

  5. Ditto to everything occasionalblonde said, I can’t say it any better. Checking in here has become such a highlight of my day. And it was SO much fun watching RuPaul’s Drag Race “together.” I feel nostalgic about it already!

  6. I agree with Occassionalblonde — this blog has been a really nice place to read/share about RPDR — not only because I *love* your thoughts & insights (which I am almost always in agreement with) but because there aren’t a lot of internet jack****** on here. I guess I’m torn too about wishing you “success” (JK Miss Thing — I just can’t help wanting to keep this place & the nice atmosphere to myself).

    And yes, I have to admit Phi Phi’s make up was flawless — for the first time, really, but she hit it out of the park. I also liked when her mom said the judges were right to ding her on the too much make up but she “toned it down and now she looks beautiful! She looks just like me!” BUT I hated the bottom of her outfit. I don’t think she has a great body for that kind of “body look” to begin with but then she always wears the bottoms too low which gives her legs a stubby look — her bottoms should be high on the sides (and I think Michelle has told her that at least once before). Whatever, I had to make sure I got in one more Phi Phi ding.

    Chad is a class act & in truth she already is a “star” in the drag world (I had actually heard of her before this show, and the only other drag queens I knew about before season 1 of this show was RuPaul, Lady Bunny, Hedda Lettuce and Divine ), so even though as I posted in the last thread, I was disappointed she didn’t get a little more attention on the show than she did (and at least the “official” Runner Up title) she got what she herself said she was looking for doing this — being a part of drag history & validation of her career choice — the world can she what a fabulous, polished, professional queen she is. The others, Sharon, Latrice & Willam needed the attention they got on the show more than Chad did to help them get to the next level, so I’m happy with it all.

    Every one else was great — I love Charo & love how Ru called her a “Drag Professor.” Ha! Best part though was Ru’s hysterical laughter at Willam saying “Rupologize.” Nothing sounds better than a real, deep laugh from Ru — positively contagious.

    Thanks for all your hard work here Scotty!

  7. Hello,

    I’ve been lurking, but I am piping up to say how glad I am with this outcome as well. It was satisfying to see Phi Phi get her comeuppance; loved seeing Willam again and hearing his quick wit; and pleased Sharon won. (I was torn between Sharon as the “freak” — a category I identify with — and Chad as my hometown gurl. Chad performs weekly at a club about a mile from my house, and she really does seem to be as sweet as she was portrayed on the show.)

  8. I’ve enjoyed the blog. Even though it was Drag Race which brought me here, I have found that this page is on my list of favorites. 🙂

  9. I have to echo the admiration society we’ve got going here – even when I don’t take time to post I so enjoy reading what this crew has to say, most especially its Fierce Black Leader.

    Not much to say about this final episode as I haven’t been able to see it, yet. I was a bit torn between Chad & Sharon for the winner but on the up side, would have been fine with either winner and a bit sad for either as runner up. I am SO glad Ms. Latrice was recognized as she deserved.

    Can’t wait to see it though, just to see Charo – a staple of my childhood and I saw a recent clip of her and was amazed at how she can still move around a stage!

  10. Oh, & Scotty – hope the tough times pass soon. Try to take care of yourself as you would a dear, dear friend undergoing the same difficulties. So often we treat ourselves in ways we would never treat a friend.

  11. Scotty I wish the best for you! Thank you for sharing your wit and charm and overall fabulousness. I think we all need a little Latrice in our pocket to tell us [paraphrase] “It’s okay to make mistakes. You can fall down. But then you have to get up and make them eat it.” I am trying to remember that myself.

    • Oh, and I want this shit live next year. Maybe they’ll actually have the budget to afford it? I think it was sad that Sharon didn’t have her moment… but I’d be fine with them doing a survivor like thing and having the winner be live. I also wouldn’t mind a more Project Runway like thing where they have to go back and do a final lipsynch in front of a live audience. I hope Ru changes it up last year. I actually like the live format for the final… I always thought it was a bit sad that the winner was just surrounded by Ru and two judges. Live and with the other queens and their own families seems more appropriate. *crossing fingers*

      • I was expecting (by which I mean hoping for) another lip synch by the final three. I also like the idea of having a final challenge of sorts, with the final three being judged on clothes, hair, and make-up, stage presence, lip synching, etc. A pageant-style final question would be a hoot. Doing it live would be great, although the way those queens talk, they’d need a 30 second delay to catch everything.

        I think it’s a damn shame Ru felt she had to do three endings so nobody would blab who won. I didn’t know that actual spoilers were leaked last season. A lot of people were saying Raja won, but I assumed it was speculation and/or wishful thinking. Some people suck.

  12. Scotty, I can only echo most of what has been said above. I love coming to your blog and reading what you have to say and I love going through the comments. Yes, occasionalblonde, “jackass-free zones” are rare on the internet, and it’s great to find one, isn’t it?

    It has been a hoot following RPDR here, and I look forward to next season, but I also look forward to whatever else you might decide to blog about next.

    As for the personal situation, I’m happy to hear that this blog has been something good for you during a challenging time. We’re all pulling for you, in all of your dramatic, half-century, sometimes-flamboyant-homosexual, fabulously-accessorised, FBQ-ness! Keep grabbing and savouring those little things that “make life beautiful for a while.”

  13. {{{Scotty}}} You’re a giver, my Fabulous One. I’m glad that in some small way we that enjoy your blog and unadulterated discussion on varying topics, give back to you.

    …and whatever it is, don’t worry too much. Fierceness always rises to the top.

  14. I just want to echo everyone else in thanking YOU, dear FBQ, for sharing your fierceness with us, and providing this sane, welcoming little corner of the ol’ intertubez for all of us to have actual, substantial conversations in. I hope you’re able to find the peace you need in your life soon. (I’m sure you’ve probably got the fabulous accessories covered already.) I look forward to many more discussions here in the future, on topics ranging from serious to silly and everywhere in between.

    Also, Bianca (if you ever read this), I feel like we owe YOU a big thank you as well!

  15. Don’t ya just love a happy ending? All of the queens have a platform now; it’s up to them what they choose to do with it.

    Speaking of which, I must echo the sentiments re: the little funk you may find yourself in from time to time. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten was that it’s okay to feel bad, but it’s imperative that you recover. I never would have made it out of my 20s otherwise.
    Don’t ever be afraid to ask for what you need.

  16. I’m another who found this blog thanks to RPDR, I’ve been watching since season 1 and this is the most satisfying season thus far. SO glad that Sharon won, and I’m planning to see her when she gets to the Boston area. I am looking forward to Drag U, gotta see more Latrice as a member of the “Falculty.” I hope that the tough times end soon for you.

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