RPDR S4, E 14: RuPaul Reunited

After the first season, I was afraid RuPaul was never going to get it right again. Until now.

The foulest stench is in the Air
The funk of Dida’s processed hair
Drag Queens stomp in search of goods
To accessorize y’alls neighborhoods

And whosoever shall be found
with a cheap and tacky knockoff gown

Must stand and face Phi Phi of Hell
And share motel rooms with Michelle…

‘Cause this is Needles’
Needles’ Night
And no one’s going to save you from the Bitch about to Strike
Yes this is Needles’
Needles’ Night
So Praise the Evil Queen inside her Fright World/Bright World

(Sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller)

Using Bianca’s rubric, we have a new Drag Race Superstar who is About something, has something to Say and damn sure knows how to Prance.

Condragulations Sharon Needles

So RuPaul: you’re forgiven. I know it was keeping you up all night wondering what the Queen thought of the show, so there it is. You can rest easy now. I thought last night’s episode made up for all the shady shit from the rest of the season. From the opening number, to Sharon’s final walk Bianca and I felt you did an admirable job with the episode.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: there were definitely things we would have changed were we in charge of the shindig (the Queen will get to those in just a second); but for the most part the last show lived up to a season that might just turn out to be my favorite of the four.

So now we know where the entire budget of Season 4 went: the first episode, the second episode, and this one. Nice opening. Clean and simple, with just enough camp to make sure we knew what we were watching. I actually loved this format. Drag is a spectator sport. Why WOULDN’T you present something like this before an audience? Bianca thinks that this should have been the Finale episode as opposed to the Reunion episode, and the Queen agrees. The idea of making the finale much more like Project Runway has been floating around the Comments section and we agree. Why not give the lady boys some money and ask them to go home and prepare a mini show–complete with a fierce outfit or two–that includes a lip sync-all before a live audience? Then crown the winner and have all the queens come back for a closed studio Reunion Show. That way we get the spectacle AND the intimacy of dishing the dirt with the girls. Just something to think about Ms. RuPaul. No charge for that suggestion. Okay. If you USE it then there will be a charge. We’ll split the fee among the Queen, Bianca and the Miss Things.

A Few Highlights and Low-Lifes

Okay…what was up with this bit?

Unlike President Obama’s opening bit at the Press Corps Dinner, this schtick fell absolutely flat. That minute or so could have been used so much more productively–like more slamming of Phi Phi.

Having these folks sit together gave me a chance to kill three birds with one muse:

Work calls. To be continued a tad bit later.


12 thoughts on “RPDR S4, E 14: RuPaul Reunited

  1. Yes, yes, hell yes! This went down exactly as it should have. I agree with everything you said, Scotty. I’m happy not only that Sharon won, but that Ru came to her senses and finally gave her devoted fans what they want. I think this finale/reunion saved the show, frankly. If Phi Phi had won, and this had been some lackluster reunion episode, I’m not sure whether there would have been much of an audience next time around. I loved how it was a live Ru-stravaganza. The finale should be handled this way every time. And, go Latrice! I’m glad that she got the appreciation she deserves! Was this my favorite season ever? YES, despite th fact that it almost went off the rails a couple of times!

    • My only regret is that it wasn’t actually live. It would have been so much more exciting if the winner had been crowned on the spot. Hopefully Ru will see the benefits in that and do it for real next season.

      • Agreed! The live audience gave it a bit more excitement, but fully live would be fantastic.

  2. I loved the live audience setting…wish they’d do the finale show in this format, too (and have it actually be the finale).

    Raja looked too friggin’ cool in that plaid Leigh Bowery-esce body suit.

    I understand they wanted to avoid having the winner leaked, but shooting each person as the winner left the reaction seem flat and contrived. Which really wasn’t fair to Sharon to deny her that moment.

    I still love Willam. That bitch is hilarious.

    • “I understand they wanted to avoid having the winner leaked, but shooting each person as the winner left the reaction seem flat and contrived. Which really wasn’t fair to Sharon to deny her that moment.”

      Ditto that! And from the articles I’ve read, Sharon is disappointed with that too.

  3. I was surprised at the degree to which they aired out Phi-Phi’s behavior, and actually hope it cuts down on some of the Internet hate storm, which after awhile gets kind of out of hand, however much Phi-Phi may have provoked it. Loved Chad’s maternal dressing down (“So that’s what you were doing when I wasn’t looking. Shame on you!), loved Willam’s, “I know I’m an egomaniac, but, damn, that was some sociopathic shit!” hated childish Jiggly’s breaking down, again acting a decade or two younger than her years.

    And I thought it was sweet that Sharon reached out and touched Phi-Phi when she was breaking down. But you have to wonder how Phi was taking Sharon’s kindness after having to eat humble pie in front of the rival she was sure she’d send home the first day. You can almost hear her thinking, “Oh, gross. First I have to eat shit, and now this. Bitch, YOUR HAND SHOULD NOT BE THERE!” (Just had to get one last one in!)

    • Jiggly *is* an emotional mess, and I took that into consideration during her breakdown. And what Phi-Phi did to her is just flat out mean. Jiggly would put that humiliation on herself instead of putting it on Phi-Phi, where it belongs.

      Jiggly could be kind of a pain in the ass, but I liked her, crying fits, broke down outfits, and all.

      • True. I was glad Jiggly was giving Phi-Phi what for, but I was cringing for her and wishing she could manage a, “Bitch, you’re DEAD to me!” But part of that is just me being uncomfortable with big ole crying scenes.

        Sharon, of course, did it Sharon style, with a one-liner (“…and I just couldn’t find one redeeming quality”), which was great because it could be played for a laugh, and the audience did laugh, but she sure wasn’t letting one iota of facial expression or body language suggest, “Oh, I’m just kidding!” And then she just sat back regally and let everyone else elaborate.

      • mefein, yes, I see your point. It would have been awesome to see Jiggly publicly write Phi-Phi off with just a few words instead of all the tears. Not only would it have filled me with glee, but it would have shown some growth on Jiggly’s part. I hate seeing her suffer the way she does. It makes me sad for her/him.

  4. I’m thrilled with Sharon’s win, happy that Latrice got Miss Congeniality (all my favs from Nina Flowers, Pandora Boxx, Yara Sofia & now Latrice have gotten that one so I’m par for the course), and feel completely justified in my early Willam love, but I have to admit, I’m a little sad that Chad didn’t at least get the official “runner up” spot that she deserved (and maybe even the Miss Congeniality award). Those 4 (Sharon, Latrice, Willam & Chad) were my favs from day 1 and I would have liked to see Chad get a little more attention on the show overall than what she got. Next to the uniqueness of Sharon, the fierceness of Latrice & the wit of Willam I think Chad got a little over-shadowed, but the truth is, at least IMO, that Chad was the most polished, professional queen (next to Ru) that has been on this show. She was perfection each & every time with a different, well-thought out looks. That isn’t an easy thing to do. And she is a total sweetheart as well. Like I said, I’m happy with the way it all worked out, but I just needed to send a little love Chad’s way — she deserved it.
    I’m also glad that my tinfoil hat theory at least worked out in the result (i.e., no Phi Phi win) even if I got the details/sequence of events wrong.

    • Yes! I was torn between Latrice and Chad for Miss Congeniality, and Sharon and Chad to win the whole thing. Chad is so fabulously elegant and refined, so smart and kind, and so very beautiful.

      It would have been great if she’d officially been named 1st runner up, but that might have resulted in Phi-Phi getting 2nd runner-up, and I didn’t want to see her receive any kind of distinction. Oooh, they could have said “Phi2, it’s time for you to sashay away”, with no official title, then name Chad 1st runner-up.

      I’m sure Chad will be doing fine after this, though. She’s already well-established, and I imagine this could give her career a nice bump up to the next level, which she totally deserves.

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