RPDR S4,E11-The Fabulous B*tch Ball: Top & Bottom

The Lounge has gone to the Dogs

Please forgive the Queen. But the best moment in RuPaul’s Drag Race History couldn’t POSSIBLY wait until my Untucked recap:

Bianca and the Queen spent more time talking about Untucked and other things, than we did talking about this episode. It’s not that it didn’t have its moments…it’s just that after 10 episodes of the same tired conflicts with no additional substance, it negatively colored everything else. It was like being in the middle of Groundhog Day. No…the Queen takes that back. Even in the movie there was something different about each day–there was forward motion that advanced the plot. The Queen was thinking that the producers should think up a different format when the cast is down to the last four or five. Why not copy Project Runway? Why not give them an elaborate challenge and more than a day to finish it, and let them go home so that we can see them in their own environment? ANYTHING other than having to sit through manufactured drama that the queens don’t even invest in all that much. Even Phi Phi has to dig deep to come up with her bitch face…okay, maybe he doesn’t need to dig that deep.

The Queen thought the premise of the episode was wonderful. It was out of the box and gave a lot of possibilities for creativity. And we got to see Jason and Shawn in their skivvies.
The mini-challenge was cute too–although the Queen is tired of challenges in which the dolls have to give shade. Ms. Michaels won, and I agree with Ru’s decision. I must admit that even though the dissing of other contestants gets boring, it was kind of nice to see Chad pull out his well-manicured claws and take a few swipes at Phi Phi. It’s just so telling that Miss O’Hara can dish it out, but has such a hard time taking it.

So then we meet the real stars of the show.

Here’s another reason the Queen knows much of the drama is manufactured: dogs don’t lie. The fact that Hunter took to Phi Phi immediately goes a long way with me. When the charming canines were brought out by the equally charming Pit Crew–each of the queens seemed delighted. No fun in that. So Phi Phi has to stay in character and pretend to be frustrated by Winner Chad’s decision to pair him with Hunter. Give this Queen a Big Dog EVERY time. The only drama of the workroom that gave me pause was whether Sharon might be getting the losing edit. While I knew it was Latrice’s time, I was slightly worried. I swear, if they deny Sharon the crown I might have to meet RuPaul in the studio parking lot after dark.

The rehearsal drama was a snooze. We KNOW Phi Phi is going to turn up her nose and try to boss everyone around and get her way. Is the viewership of this show really that easy to please, or are the producers just frighteningly out of touch with what their audience wants to see? Dear sweet Jesus let it be the latter.

The Opening Number of the Bitch Ball was cute. Nothing spectacular. And the Queen and Bianca disagree about who stood out. Bianca agrees with Michelle and thinks Phi Phi had a little more “oomph” than the others. I personally think that the dolls did a really good job of working as an ensemble–which is exactly what a group number should be. Everybody had their moment in the spotlight.

We’ll get a little bit more in depth with the queens in the next post. I thought all of the contestants did at least decently on the majority of their Runway looks.

However, once again it’s a well-deserved Condragulations to Sharon Needles

Of course the Queen is quite enamored of Ms. Needles. I am in constant awe of the fact that she has gone out of her way to feature FBQ on her fabulous Facebook Page. However that is not the reason I speak highly of her. I do so because when you meet an Artist of this magnitude, you take note. An artist (like a good drag queen) has something to say and finds a way to communicate it. Every look has a story. Every look has detail. Every motion on the runway has thought. She is the real deal folks. The real deal.

And it’s Sashay to Latrice Royale

The Queen has been critical of Latrice’s performance at times. But never of Latrice. As Sharon has brought a unique Art to Drag, so has Ms. Royale brought the same Art to grace, elegance, poise and humanity. That is one FIERCE Black Queen, and I bow to him. Latrice, as you said to RuPaul, so I can say to you: I have been changed by having you in my life–even if only through a television screen. Your heart and soul radiate through and touch mine. There is no question that your life is beginning in a way you never dreamed. And no one on this planet deserves it any more than you do.

I’d say “God Bless” but it’s clear that God already has.

For an episode I had issues with, the Queen sure had a lot to say.

It’s your turn Miss Things.


29 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E11-The Fabulous B*tch Ball: Top & Bottom

  1. Excellent post, sir!! I have been on the Miss Needles bandwagon since I saw her audition clip and hopefully she will pull through in the end!! BTW, love the Untucked reenactment with canines!

  2. I found it rather strange that they claimed Latrice’s dog-park realness was over-the-top, while apparently in their world people trot out to the dog-park dressed like escapees from the ‘Barbie Girl’ video.

    Also, I find it telling that when Sharon says something about how Phi Phi is not “a sweetheart,” Phi Phi’s reaction is to shriek “Liar!” ‘Cause that’s totally sweet?

  3. I loved Latrice’s Dog Park realness. I didn’t think it was over the top at all. I didn’t expect Phi Phi to be in the top 3.
    This season has been fierce! During Season 3, we pretty much knew who the winner was as soon as Raja walked into the workroom. These queens put last season’s bitches to shame!

  4. I am as jaded as they come but I completely choked up at Latrice’s sashay. The dude I share the couch with for these shows and I both sighed, I actually teared up, and he said “Aw honey (about Latrice) you have done more for others than you know”.

    My partner is a large guy who struggles all the time with his self image and size and how it relates to his attractiveness in and out. After last week’s dragrace, in the middle of the week he said “Damn! Latrice is *so* inspiring. This person really reminds me to stop sitting on my ass and complaining and do what I love and love myself”.

    So thanks, Latrice. And thanks FBQ for being the best blog on the subject.

    When I have a few more minutes I’ll dish on the rest. It should have been a sashay to Pee Pee but we didn’t fall off the turnip truck, the reality game shows like the dramatics.

    (and lawd LAWD! was that new now next thing painful or what?!)

    • SO painful!! I can’t remember cringing so much in such a short time frame. Just so much awfulness. Willam was the only redeeming factor, and they didn’t even let him speak.

    • I saw last year’s episode by accident … so this year, I just couldn’t. It was clever programming to put it between RPDR and Untucked, but that’s why they make DVRs.

  5. Not only is Sharon linking you, but now she’s making a point of saying something complimentary when she does. Well deserved, Scotty!

    And, hey, I’d happily join you in the studio parking lot after dark if Sharon doesn’t win (well, if Phi-Phi wins), although I think at that point it’s gonna be a very crowded parking lot. Ru should start thinking now about putting a heliport on the roof if that’s the direction she wants to go!

    Speaking of being badass, I was kind of disappointed that Latrice’s interpretation of Sharon in that silly puppet show was as something of a badass (well, also that she singled out Sharon on the runway and left the room later with Phi-Phi). I did think there was a bit of a moment of genuine hurt when Sharon said, But I almost never tell anyone to go fuck themselves. I thought it was one of the few genuine reactions in that whole setup, that she was disappointed that Latrice looked at her that way, and I suspect touched a chord with how frequently her act gets misinterpreted, or reduced to a cliche.

    But I was crushed when Latrice was eliminated. But I would have been crushed if Chad had been as well. It was the first really excruciating — and great — lip synch to watch. They were both so good!

  6. I too teared up when Latrice showed everyone — not just on RPDR, but all of reality TV — how to do a graceful, heartfelt, humble & classy sashshay away (and that’s even though I knew she’d be going when it was a Winnona Judd song, not a soul song for the lip sync). But, I tear up at Hallmark commercials, so I don’t know if that means much (heck, I teared up reading your words about Latrice in this blog). 🙂 Nonetheless, I agree with you — even though it was *probably* her time (I think she deserved Top 3 just on principle, *especially* against Phi Phi, but not against Chad Michaels — IOW, Phi Phi should have been in the bottom 2 & sent home last night) and even though I myself have been known to complain that when the challenge requires something other than fabulous soul diva she can fall a little flat, I was truly, truly sorry to see her go. She brought a lot to my TV just by being the person she is — and she maintained that from day 1 to her beautiful parting words at the end.

    PS — Latrice’s elimination last night has really got me worried that Phi Phi is going to somehow pull an upset and I don’t know what I’ll do if that happens. My head just might explode — at the very least my eyes will get stuck in the back of my head from all the rolling they’ll be doing.

  7. I WANT that bloodhound!

    This episode left me feeling…meh. There seemed to be a lot of producer manipulation. Latrice cutting down Sharon, for example. I mean, where did that come from? Then to watch Untucked and see they needed an “ally” for PhiPhi to take to the next room, things made more sense.

    Does anyone know: are there two more shows, or just one (not including the reunion)? I can’t recall, from past seasons, if they have a separate episode for final two.

    • And what’s up with Dita von Teese only being there to glance around an empty room and comment on the fake lemons? What a waste of a guest star! (Though I did find it funny to watch the queens ignore Ru and just carry on with their bitching. They always seemed to grumble about this game of musical rooms, so I guess this was their little rebellion.)

    • There are three more shows, I believe–the clip episode next week, the final episode, and the reunion (where hopefully we will finally found out wtf Willam did).

    • I think there is a recap, then the finale & then the reunion. I don’t know if you want to count the recap as a “show” because in the past I don’t recall there being any “new” footage in the recap.

  8. Well, if the producers are trying to play up Miss Phi Phi, she’s clearly not helping them one bit. Her hissy fits are pretty much “same-old, same-old” at this point. For a supposedly fierce competitor, she certainly can’t seem to handle it when someone else plays the game.

    Overall, I agree, this episode was as meh as meh can get. Sharon knocked it out of the everlovin’ park with her ensembles and again showed there’s more to her than spooky stuff. I don’t quite get how Chad Michaels ended up in the Bottom 2; yes, her Cruella de Vil couture was a bit off, but it wasn’t any more off-the-mark than Phi Phi’s idea of what one should wear to the dog park. (Cute outfit, yes, but more comic con than dog park.) I also didn’t get where the judges thought that Phi Phi stood out in that opening number, because it appeared to me that every queen had their moment and it was truly a group effort.

    I am not at all happy to see the Divine Miss Latrice sashay away. She brought class and dignity to the table each and every time, and was the voice of reason many times when the drama was getting out of hand. Phi Phi in particular could have benefitted from her example. She, Sharon and Chad should be in the Top 3, and I firmly believe they would have been if not for the Willam situation (for which Phi Phi should still be on her knees thanking whatever deity suits her fancy). Can’t wait to see your review of Untucked, because there was a whole lot to talk about there.

  9. Please with Wikepeida as a source — people do realize that anyone can go on there & “update” it right? Additionally, right after the show aired last night, Wikipedia had Phi Phi as the one eliminated, not as the winner — I know this, because I don’t get Logo & have to watch the show online the next day but am too anxious to wait to see what happened, so I always check for updates.

    • I’ve said as much on her Facebook “fan” page, and I suggest we all do so. Cannot believe she’s made it this long with her nasty attitude and tired looks and makeup.

  10. Besides RPDR, the programming on LOGO really sucks. To further illustrate my point, now they’re doing Eden’s World? WTF?

  11. OK, this is the last thing I’m going to say (I’ve been bogarting this thread, I know, sorry, I’m just devastated because in no universe should Phi Phi have outlasted Latrice, IMO). But I realized something terrible — if Willam hadn’t gotten himself DQ’d, Phi Phi would have been out way back when (as she should have been — Sharon mopped the floor with her during that lip sync). Damn you, Willam, you magnificent b!tch, damn you to hell! 😉

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