FBQ: What I Know…

Rodney King’s death slapped me in the face and reminded me of how the media has shaped my sense of self as a black man and as a gay man.
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Dear Fierce Black Queen

And now it’s time for another installment (Okay, okay this is the FIRST installment–so don’t go searching the Archives section. I just like the way “another installment” sounds.) of “Dear Fierce Black Queen.” In which I tackle the thousands and thousands of e-mails the Queen receives (Again, bold-face lie. It just makes me feel impressive.) asking for advice on all matters of importance and interest.
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Cawfee Talk IV

Not bad for a dang cell phone camera, huh?

You know, gray days in the city don’t get enough credit. There’s something magic about the the way the subtle shades of charcoal and white clouds slowly swirl and dance with the buildings. The mist rising across the waters of the Hudson, and the occasional sound of a ship’s horn cutting across the relative quiet of the morning. It’s slightly heady, and whispers the promise of possibility for a new day.

It’s amazing what a venti cup of Starbucks can do for your imagination.

The Queen is working on his musings about this week’s episode of Untucked. Until he gets that out, here are a couple of things to talk about around the Deer Park tank:
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Sunday Brunch with a Fierce Black Queen

Photo by Lil Nickelson

Ah, you beautiful Miss Things!

We’ve all had a busy week. Hopefully things in your life are going the way you’d like them to. Let’s pamper ourselves with a sumptuous Sunday Brunch. I got us a couple of tables at Sylvia’s up on Lenox (had to almost cut a bitch to get them…but that’s neither here nor there) in Harlem. I’ve ordered the Mimosas. Try the Catfish and Eggs, or the Chicken and Waffles–they are DIVINE.

Today, the only thing heavy around here is the food. Let’s dig in!

Hey Rick! What Part of Psalms 75:7 Don’t You Understand?

Couldn’t resist. Thanks to Gillian, Harry and Joelle for the idea. Thanks also to Carl H. Bloch for his compelling painting “Sermon On The Mount.”

Pictorial Drag

RuPaul Logo by the fabulous Chad Sell

If you haven’t done so already, you have GOT to check out the incredible artwork of Mr. Chad Sell. Like Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels, this phenomenal artist captures the essence of a character with specificity and charm. When you scroll through his work, you know immediately that you are in the presence of a gifted cognoscente.

What Makes A Guy Sexy?

I wrote this in a post on my other blog about two years ago, but it’s no less true today. I thought I’d share.


I am in Starbucks on East-West Highway in Hyattsville, MD. I’ve been sitting behind a beefy brother with a broad back; to-die-for love handles and belly, and a killer goatee. I’ve been crushing on him all morning. He just got up to leave and I saw something that sent me over the edge: he has pictures of what I believe to be his kids as wallpaper on his laptop. It made me want to finally record all of the unconventional things that make a man sexy to me:

A father having fun with his kids.

A man reading a book.

A man who puts back the shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot.

A man who knows what looks good on him–even if it’s an orange leisure suit.

A man who isn’t afraid to hold hands in public.

A man trying to hold back emotion but not…quite…succeeding.

A handsome, thick guy with a nice belly.

A brother who isn’t afraid to SMILE.

A greying brother with earrings.

ANY man who finds me attractive.

What about you Miss Things? What unconventional things do YOU find attractive in a man or woman?

Whew! I am full. Time for a nap. Talk to y’all later.

Oh, and I got the check.