RPDR S4,E3: Glamzons vs. Champions-Top & Bottom

Before we get started trashing thoughtfully critiquing the bitches, the Queen wanted to bring up an observation that Bianca and I have made over the past three episodes of this season, during our weekly RuPaul Skyping sessions.

This damn show has actually gotten better.

I haven’t bothered had the time to check and see whether it employs the same producers and directors as in past seasons; but the show has become the very thing I hoped it would be when I first started tuning in. It has become a true window into a world that most never see–and many incorrectly characterize. It has found a balance between campy and compassion, bitchy and benevolent. Bianca swears Ru was sick during most of last season, and I definitely noticed a difference in his demeanor. He seemed disconnected somehow from the proceedings. However this season the Cover Girl of the World is back. He is engaged, funny and a true mentor.

This bitch had the best seat in the house

The mini-challenge was phenomenal. Not only was meeting Piyah Martell a poignant and powerful moment, but the accompanying competition made so much sense. I did find myself screaming at the television because none of those wenches asked Piyah–the CLIENT–what her favorite colors were, or what kind of designs she might like. But it’s segments like these which highlight the diversity and strength of the LBGTQ community, and make me proud to call myself a raging queen.

However, for the Queen, the main challenge fell flat.

In addition to the camp crassness of whoring RuPaul products (but if Barbara Walters can do it with her book Audition on The View, why shouldn’t he?), the performances on the whole felt forced and not at all fun or funny.

We’ll get the individual performances in the next post, but for the Queen, the challenge was pretty much a let-down.

So once again, it is Condragulations to Sharon Needles

Raja: I know you’re reading my blog–all the fierce divas do. Pay attention to Ms. Needles, will you dear? THIS is how you do Alternative Drag. Not to take away from you–you have an artistry that is truly unique. But I never felt like you put your SOUL into your schtick like Sharon does. She’s fierce not just because she is impeccable in her costuming and makeup (although I see Santino’s point about the bottom half of her runway look), but she infuses passion and energy into everything she does. She is Somebody. She is About something. And she Prances. Bra-fucking-vo.

And it’s The Princess who Sashays away.

Seems like a very sweet person. And I admire his ability to stay calm in a storm. But honey, this was not the competition for him. His inability to step back and look at himself objectively in the context of the needs of the game cost him dearly. I see elegance, glamour and talent in his drag and his LSFYL. But Dida Ritz mopped him across the floor, wrung him out, and mopped up the floor again (more on that in the next DR post). If he hasn’t found one yet, I hope he finds a boyfriend who has that “Meth-look” and whom appreciates his quiet dignity. But it was time for The Princess to abdicate.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4: FBQ Countdown-Final Fems

Another season of bitchery, back-stabbing and fake fabulousness is about to begin. No, I’m not talking about the next joint session of Congress. Auntie Ru is back. Let’s finish evaluating the contestants:

Madame LaQueer

Another bravado-swinging big diva. Not a good sign when the Queen is more interested in what a contestant looks like OUT of drag than in. For a person who earns their living doing other people’s makeup, I am not particularly impressed with her own maquillage. While I applaud anyone who has the chutzpah to get up in front of people and perform, that doesn’t in-and-of-itself make the performer or the performance good.I’ll be very interested to see if this Big Beautiful Bee-otch can do more than widen her eyes and posture.

Chad Michaels

The Queen is of two mindsets when it comes to introducing someone like Chad Michaels into this draggy mix. Chad Michaels is a known quantity. He has a successful career and a strong following. While each of these girls is supposed to be a “professional”, there is a big difference between doing a few shows on the weekends and performing with Elton John. On the other hand, as Michaels himself says “…I’ve seen girls who have just started pull something right out of their butt, and send a senior girl right on home…” Seniority is by no means the arbiter of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. There is no denying that Ms. Michaels has professionalism and the plastic surgery bills and poise to spare. It’ll be fun to see how she comports herself with the “lesser” divas on the show.


This bitch BRINGS IT: beautiful, funny, down-to-earth, media savvy and professional. It pisses me off: she’s a fiercer black queen than the REAL black queens on the show! I am genuinely excited about seeing her in all of the challenges and ESPECIALLY on the runway. I definitely think that contestants who understand the art of Acting have an advantage. Being able to appear natural allows your personality to shine through. Whether we like you or not, we get to know you. Knowing how to play to the camera without letting it dominate you is a real skill. This bitch has it in spades. Not my favorite queen yet, but I have a feeling she could quickly become so if her actual presence is as engaging as it appears to be.

The Princess

The Princess scares The Queen. This is definitely a boy in a dress. I’m getting a very strong Morgan McMichaels vibe from this one–which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Talk about an abundance of testosterone! I see a lot of in-your-face interactions with the other contestants. Very sleek and sexy, it will be fun to see Mr. Princess walk the runway. I have a feeling he will be stomping it.

On a side note: why do these bitches think that having an eclectic drag style is unique? Do they not watch the interviews of the other contestants? EVERYONE thinks that having an eclectic style makes them unique. Sorry dolls, just because you change clothes and lip sync to Cher as opposed to Madonna, doesn’t make you unique.

Speaking of unique…

Sharon Needles


Not my style of drag at all. But who the hell cares? She got me to click on her image just because it was so different. And then she spoke…BRILLIANT. She was the very definition of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. An entertainer with a strong point of view, biting wit and presence to spare–The Queen is excited to see her on the runway AND in the work room. When you can create such buzz simply through a one minute, fifty-two second video, you know you got something. I don’t think she had a chance in hell of winning–given Rupaul’s penchant for style vs. substance. But what a ride it promises to be with THIS queen in the mix!

Okay. There you have it. The Queen’s take on the contestants. He would LOVE to hear more about yours over the coming weeks. The Interior Illusions Lounge will be opening shortly. Can’t wait to grab a cock…errr…cocktail with you and enjoy this season of the Race!