FBQ Cawfee Talk XIV

Who brought in the Dark Roast? Whoever you are: God Bless You.

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Saturday Errands

The FBQ is out running around doing all of the things I couldn’t get to during the week. You know the kinds of things I’m talking about: Pick up suits from the Dry Cleaners; get some Bok Choy from Whole Foods; buy condo–…errr…well…you get the idea.
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Cawfee Talk V

FBQ Gets Inoculated

First of all I have to give a HUGE shout out to Ms. Sharon Needles for mentioning the Queen’s little blog on her Facebook page. Proving once again what an elegant, classy, FIERCE corpse bride she really is. Thank you for your kindness and the exquisite entertainment you bring to so many of us fans every Monday night.
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Tea Time VI

All over the place today. Like probably all of you Miss Things.

But there were a couple of things on the Queen’s mind that need musing on.

Project Runway All Stars: Gretchen can now leave the Witness Protection Program

So, instead of a Fierce Black Queen, we have a Fierce Latino Queen winning Project Runway All Stars. This FBQ can definitely live with that. Continue reading