The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: The Last of the Brohicans

So it was finally that time.

It was time for our final FBQ to go. I don’t know about you Miss Things, but for me, the fun of this show now is to predict which contestant will be kicked off next before handing the win to Mondo. Not necessarily because of his talent (which, don’t get me wrong, is considerable), but because Mssrs. Bunim/Murray will be run out of town on a rail if he doesn’t. I hope none of these designers were delusional enough to think they had a shot in hell once they found out that Mondo was in the cast. But if any of them did, I put my money on Jerell.
The Queen hasn’t been shy about saying that I don’t get him. Granted, I was more impressed with his overall work during Season 5, but even then I was perplexed by his aesthetic. Granted, all the designers are phoning it in and re-hashing their own work–but Jerell just seemed to take the worst of his aesthetic and showcase that. Father should take Coco Chanel’s famous quote, frame it and put it next to his sewing workstation.

You have to admit it: the man is FINE.

I thought Joanna Coles’ comment to Jerell about being “…impervious to suggestion and criticism” on After The Runway was incredibly apropos. I think a good deal of it has to do with youth and the need to create a definitive design profile. In his defense he was able to admit that some of his choices shouldn’t have made it to the runway. I just hope he sees the sublime benefit in constructive criticism, and how following a form can indeed set you free to find a refined point of view.

Anyway, I wish him the best.

Who’s going next?


The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: The Teflon Designer

Okay. Okay…WTF??!!!

The Queen is the first to admit that I am about as fashion forward as a powdered wig. So I must be missing something. Would someone please…PLEASE explain to me…


Is he fashion forward in a way I just can’t see? When I look at his work, it really does seem to me as if he takes everything he buys at Mood, creates a basic garment, closes his eyes and throws the rest of the fabrics and notions onto it. Wherever they stick-that’s where he tacks them. Is that it? Is looking like you are playing dress-up from the stuff in mommy’s closet the new trend? Is taking cliche’d and stereotypical ideas about a country’s culture and putting them ALL INTO ONE GARMENT the latest thing in couture? Please help me understand. Because right now I feel as if I’ve gone mad. I feel as if all of the things I’ve picked up over the years about fashion and design are wrong. I feel as if I worry too much about being meticulous and precise in my garment construction. That my work would be much more relevant and “on trend” if I tack embellishments onto sleeves so that they look as if they could fall off at any minute. I thought that Heidi, Michael and Nina had taken their crack pipe with them when they left the runway. Apparently however, they taped a couple of rocks under the seats and the current group of judges found, and smoked them. How else do you explain overlooking such shoddy construction? The shoulder seams were HORRIBLE and that trim looked like Miss J got it from the bargain bin remnants section of the store. No way…NO WAY did Mila’s impeccably sewn and bold design deserve to go home ahead of this. As jarring to Isaac as it may have been, it showed such a clear point of view. That alone should have kept the designer in the competition. I really would like to know what it is about Jerell’s aesthetic that keeps the judges wanting to see more? It was interesting to me that during After The Runway, (which by the way, I enjoyed more than I thought I would–even though Bunim/Murray still tried to wring out drama from a relatively drama free cast) Jerell was the only one who had no clique attached to him. Maybe his overblown conceit is just too much for the rest of the group to take.

As a Fierce Black Queen (and he IS a FBQ), I am glad he is doing well. As I’ve said in earlier posts on him, I admire his strong sense of aesthetics–even if I don’t understand it. I just wish to GOD I understood it. Any help you Miss Things can give around that subject would be gratefully appreciated.

The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars

I can’t quite see doing a weekly post on Project Runway. There are more than enough wonderful blogs and sites that do a fabulous job in recapping and reviewing the show. However I will of course be watching, and—as is usually the case in reality shows—be inexorably drawn to the FBQ of the cast. So I will probably give my take on them from time to time throughout the run, if you REALLY care to know.

In regards to the show itself: I will say that after the last season of PR, the first episode of PRAS was like a sweet, refreshing and cleansing gulp of fruit juice after having vomited in your mouth.

But, before I run down the two FBQ of the group…

…’Cause he’s fine.

Rami Kashou. Ooooh. I done give myself the vapors *sips his sweet tea*. Now onto my Brother-Sistahs.

Anthony Williams

Aside from the fact that physically we resemble each other enough for him to be my baby brother; Anthony Williams is that burst of sunshine that flashes through your curtains first thing in the morning, and jump-starts your day. Earthy and effusive, the man captured my heart and funny bone immediately and never let go. Like a lot of FBQ he is smart and self-aware. He drew on his strengths during his season and almost rode them to the finals.I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of his aesthetic. I felt his pieces were somewhat one-dimensional and repetitive. It was often pointed out that he was more referential than fashion-forward. But none of US have Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba wearing OUR clothes, so what I think of his work and $4.50 will get me a Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks. My hope is that he sheds the naive country boy schtick (which I’m sure is genuine–but sometimes we black queens use it to keep from scaring all the white folk), and shows the group his fierce creative and competitive side (which I also believe is there).

By the way…did I mention that Rami Kashou is HOT?!!!

photo by Brent Dundore

Jerell Scott

Though I don’t always understand this FBQ’s Point of View, I very clearly understand that he has a strong one. In terms of the black cultural aesthetic of “More Is More”, I found his take on that design theory to be the most successful from all the seasons. And while I don’t share his personal style, I am in awe of any artist who makes such bold garment choices. The man has flair and panache. And he is all ready in his mantle to take his place as a New Millennium Apostle when Jesus comes back.

I wish these two FBQ MUCH success in the new season.

…but I’m still rooting for Mondo.

And I can’t remember if I mentioned the fact that…