FBQ Cawfee Talk XV

The Queen is still on a high from our Brunch in the Rockies. Either that, or I’m getting woozy from sniffing my nephew’s Magic Markers.
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FBQ Cawfee Talk XII

Our Evolving President

The Queen is still trying to figure out how I feel about this. Not the statement itself (YAY). But the concept of “evolving” into it.(*Big Scooby Doo “RRRUH RRROH!”*)
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FBQ Review: RPDR S4,E13-The Final Three: Continued (Unlike RuPaul, I won’t make you wait until next week)

The reason I’m being so hard on you Ru, is because you are THE Dynamic Diva in Drag. Not only have you changed the face of Female Impersonation, but you’ve done so in an entertaining and artistic fashion. You are a consummate professional. The drivel you put out last night was—at best—amateurish, and—at worst—insulting to the intelligence of your viewers. Let’s continue, shall we?
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