RPDR S4,E5: The Snatch Game- Untucking the Snatch

Let’s check up on the ladies in the Interior Illusions Lounge and find out what the men in mascara are up to, in what RuPaul hails as: “The most emotional ‘Untucked‘…EVER

Bitch is so fierce, she can cry with product placement

So the safe girls once again got to leave the stage. Miss Ru MUST be reading my posts, since she let the girls have it before they left. I am really loving RuPaul this season. She really does have that FBQ quotient back in SPADES.

Three Girls and a Cocktail

Anyway, Jiggly attempted an apology. Maybe it’s a little of the 30 year old coming through at last. However Latrice was not really having it. Although I’ve got to agree with commentary that I’ve read on other sites: it really is a little hypocritical of Ms. Royale to be so up in arms about the girls being unprofessional.

Queen of Soul, or Queen of Sour?

From the Aretha impersonation to her behavior at the end of Snatch Game, she didn’t win any points for professionalism either. Speaking in the lounge Ms. Latrice said of Ru’s pronouncement about being safe: “For him it may not be cute, but it was music to my ears.” Well honey, with all due respect, if you want a shot at winning this thing then you better start paying attention to what is “cute” to the Supermodel of the World.
It really is wonderful to watch the younger queens like Jiggly pay such respect to the older divas like Latrice. That is one thing that I’ve noticed in the drag community–there really is a respect for the grande dames. It’s a faux matriarchal society that I wish were translated into the rest of the male gay culture. What a contradiction: older gay males are often made fun of; but old drag divas are often revered.
Entirely off-topic…and forgive me for being so slow, but the Queen has been wondering what was up with Latrice holding a pillow in front of her during the majority of Untucked episodes so far. I just figured out that Miss Thang strips out of her outfit the minute they get into the lounge. Now THAT is a Black Southern Woman for you: as soon as she gets home from church–off go the pumps and dress. Gotta love that. I just wonder how much time it takes for her to get back into it once she has to go back onstage?

Waxing on Willam

The conversation turned to Willam. Quoting Dida: “She (Willam) may be a bitch, but that bitch is sickening and smart.” Latrice: “…she may be the bitch and troublemaker, but that ho knows how to turn it out.” And of course the conversation had to turn to Willam’s shoe wardrobe.
It was nice to hear that some of the queens get Willam. Maybe Phi Phi does too, and she’s playing a brilliant game as well. I don’t think so though. I don’t think she gets the thought that goes behind such an elaborate strategy–the Hoffman and Day Lewis-like commitment to staying in character. It may not make you popular, but it sure will keep you in the game.

Classy Ladies

The entire segment in which the three safe girls sang the praises of the top three was fabulous. What a pleasure to hear colleagues mention positive things that their competition did during a challenge! Something in me dies when I see queens perpetuating stereotypes of the bitter bitch. Of course we can be bitter, of course our picture is in the dictionary under “bitchy.” But it’s very nice to see Drag Race working hard to show how supportive gay men can be as well.

The Girls Do Chekhov

And so, while the other lady boys are playing Charades in the Gold Lounge, the top and bottom (minds out of the gutter Miss Things) girls alternate between delusion and support.

I really want to be supportive of this child, but he makes it SO difficult. As someone who calls themselves an actor, he really doesn’t know how to “take the note.” His observational skills are abysmal. We’ll talk more about him in the rundown with the other girls. But watching him defend his actions in the lounge just made me sad. He’s getting all of this objective feedback, and he’s brushing it aside. As a director, I find it the hardest thing to work with actors who have blinders on regarding their abilities or where they are in their lives (See The Three Sisters).
Bianca and I were talking about one of Sharon’s Achilles heels in this competition: her inability to self-regulate. She’s mentioned it herself a time or two, but it really reared it’s Botoxed head on this episode. Unlike Phi Phi, we don’t think Ms. Needles says things with malice, but sometimes they come off pretty harsh. Watching Kenya react to Sharon’s words (assuming they were in sequence) was heartbreaking. As I said in my first post on this episode, it became abundantly clear that Kenya had been wrestling with this cultural divide all along. I’m sure that this was just the straw that broke the proverbial gay camel’s back.

But once again it gave us an opportunity to watch the girls support each other. I get that a large percentage of Reality Show viewers want to see contestants go for the throat. It’s just nice to see that RPDR has been listening to their fans and cutting down on the snark (are you listening Bunim/Murray?). It actually brings tears to my eyes to see and hear the divas speak well of their fellow lady boys. Just another thing that makes Sharon fierce.

Oh. And Phi Phi cried too.

Thoughts Miss Things?


4 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E5: The Snatch Game- Untucking the Snatch

  1. So glad I found your blog! I always loved your comments on TLo (I found this blog via a commenter over there in the RPDR thread).

    I agree 100% with your assessments on RPDR this year (I’ve back read all your threads on it). I’m glad you wrote what you did about Latrice — some commenters on other blogs seem to take any critique of Latrice as sacrilege — and let me just say I think she is awesome, warm, wonderful, fabulous, etc — but she really disappointed me this week because her “Aretha” was just Latrice with a plate of food in front of her way before the disruptions on the front row started. I was also super disappointed to see her just “give up” (her words & actions) on Snatch Game. While Latrice was right that Phi Phi, Kenya & Jiggly’s antics were “romper room,” she can’t use it as an excuse for her performance, at least IMO. Chad was there in the front row with all those romper room shenanigans and she didn’t miss a beat. As Dida said: Chad *is* Snatch Game. I loved Sharon & Willem too, but Chad blew everyone else out of the water. Unreal.

    Milan’s suit needed to be way, way more form-fitting to be Janelle Monea, IMO. I think her time is just about up on this show. In fact, if Kenya hadn’t so totally bombed Beyonce I think Milan would have been going home. Now that Diana Ross make up was sacrilege! šŸ˜‰

    I do agree that the language barrier was a big part of Kenya’s problem, but I don’t think it can completely account for that Beyonce of hers. Maybe if she had acted too much like Beyonce & not funny or witty enough (as Snatch Game calls for) I’d buy the language barrier thing. But that frantic performance of Beyonce, with the prat fall & fart jokes, really did not make sense in any language.

    In answer to your question about Phi Phi — I truly don’t think she gets it. She still thinks Willem didn’t do well as Jessica Simpson (despite what we saw, Latrice/Dida/Jiggly confirmed & her placement in the top 3) and she still doesn’t get that Sharon is more than “one look.”

    But Phi Phi, Jiggly, Milan & Dida (who I do think has a lot of potential — she needs some more money & some more experience to polish herself though) are place holders — the top 4 — Chad, Sharon, Willem & Latrice have been clear from Day 1, IMO. Really, none of the others are in the same league as those 4. I will be very disappointed if they are not, in fact, the final 4 this season. But if those 4 are the final 4, I don’t even care which one wins — I’ll be happy no matter what.

  2. I was also disappointed that Latrice didn’t do a better Aretha, and that she gave up out of frustration and irritation. But I think she was completely justified in reading those girls the riot act. Someone had to call them on it, and Latrice is the only one who could get away with it. She’s the Grande Dame of that group. I can’t imagine anyone, even Phi-Phi, being dumb enough to challenge her.

    I think that, in his every day life as a man, Phi-Phi gets away with a lot because he’s so damned cute, and he thinks he can coast on his looks as a drag queen too. But all that coasting has made her lazy; also, she has a total lack of imagination, which is why she doesn’t get Willam and has convinced herself that Sharon has no talent. Man, I hope she’s gone soon. The only thing she adds to the show is nastiness.

    Scotty, I’m so glad I finally took the time to track you down. I’ve been missing you and your insightful comments over at TLo.

    occasionalblonde/aka accidental housewife

  3. Your Highness, Scotty, our FBQ–

    I so agree with you that RuPaul is in top form this season. (She is the FBQ-Mother, if you will.) Drag Race is a culturally powerful show, and she knows it. Ru has never had much of a stomach for the queens who don’t put forth an effort, but this season she is making it quite clear that overall sloppiness, resting on “pretty” and general buffoonery won’t be rewarded. Her quips and comments are better than ever and she keeps me laughing, all the while being a mentor and role model to queens everywhere.

    I am in awe of how Ru has created a permanent place for herself in the entertainment world, starting way back in the 1980’s. She just keeps getting better and more powerful with each endeavor. As for her “guhhhls”, I agree with all that was said above. I think this season is going to be even more fabulous once we get down to the top 3 or 4. We all know who those will be, and it will be great to see them shine without having to put up with the others. I just hope Latrice didn’t damage her chances with this episode.

    Finally, although we know she won’t make it to the top, I have to say that I really like Dida Ritz. She has suprised us with her performances a couple of times now, and she seems like such a nice person. If she can get her look together on a regular basis, she will be unstoppable. If I could vote for one of this year’s queens to come back for a second chance next season, it would be Dida–but,no, on second thought, with any luck, she won’t need to. I’m hoping this show will open up many new opportunities for her.

  4. Will someone PLEASE take Phi Phi aside and show her how to do her eye makeup? I always find myself thinking, “is this bitch crosseyed?” when she does the runway. Then again, her face could be flawless and I still wouldn’t like her because her attitude is so stank.

    I’m also loving how the queens are mostly a supportive group–we’re not being subjected to the Heather/Booger fuckery of last season.

    I think Latrice was right to read the young queens for their behavior, but like it’s been said, her Aretha was flat. Loved her with her dress off!

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