FBQ: What I Know…

Rodney King’s death slapped me in the face and reminded me of how the media has shaped my sense of self as a black man and as a gay man.
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Sunday Brunch 6/10/2012

Well, what a fitting category for the 100th Post. And what a fitting time to once again thank everyone who has taken a moment to read my words. When I started this in January, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that if I kept doing the same thing, I was going to get the same results. As one of my mentors Robert Alexander used to say: “You can’t do what you don’t know, if you keep doing what you know.” So I started doing something that I don’t know: blogging.
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Dear Fierce Black Queen

And now it’s time for another installment (Okay, okay this is the FIRST installment–so don’t go searching the Archives section. I just like the way “another installment” sounds.) of “Dear Fierce Black Queen.” In which I tackle the thousands and thousands of e-mails the Queen receives (Again, bold-face lie. It just makes me feel impressive.) asking for advice on all matters of importance and interest.
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