RPDR S4, E7: Dragazines- The Conde Nasties

All right, before tonight’s episode, let’s remind ourselves why the other lady boys should have never gone to press…

You know what? The Queen is actually tired of talking about this episode. The dolls didn’t listen. So instead–let’s just give the future Drag Race contestants some ideas for NEXT season.

Let’s see what kind of hi-jinks the bitches are up to tonight.

P.S. What’s with all these drag queens of color with these blue contacts and blonde hair? Dida wears them often, Latrice has sported them a time or two and I’m pretty sure I saw them on a couple of the divas who sashay’d. I’ll have to talk with Bianca about it tonight. What about you Miss Things? Have you noticed it? Am I being overly-sensitive?

P.P.S. The Queen was so incredibly moved by the responses to the post entitled “Therapy”. I’m still composing what I want to say. I truly am in awe of the wisdom and the willingness to share a part of your lives. May you all be blessed!


12 thoughts on “RPDR S4, E7: Dragazines- The Conde Nasties

  1. Did you make these? They are awesome!! You “got” the challenge, unlike most of the actual participants (the exception being Sharon). The powers-that-be need to hire you as a consultant for this show.

  2. Your covers are excellent! Queens, take note.

    I hate those colored contacts on anyone. They always look weird, unless you’re Sharon and going for that.

    I’m re-watching Untucked right now, and Chad’s pictures were serving up drugged Florence Henderson realness.

  3. Oh, these are so great! If the powers-that-be don’t hire you as a consultant, you could always hang out your shingle as a coach. So much an hour and a cut of the winnings! Or a how-to book…

    As far as the blonde hair and contacts — on a purely aesthetic level, I can see how they work in the context of drag, as a kind of sleight of hand. Gold hair looks good against brown skin, but it also REALLY effectively pulls focus from the more masculine features of the face. It becomes a kind of “bling” as well. And even the eyes become like little jewels. I mean, Dida’s unnaturally blue eyes really do pop in that picture, and you kind of notice them more than, say, the shape of her jaw.

    But since drag is also about creating characters and paying homage to certain female archetypes, yeah, I’d much rather see a FBQ dragging as a…fierce black queen.

    Oh, it’s 9 o’clock!

  4. I’m following him on Twitter, but I’m getting nothing. I think you’re right mefein1: I don’t think we’ll find out until the end…unless willam wants to post again and tell us…

    C’mon! You broke the rules already Willam–what’s telling a few fans on a piddling little blog gonna do????? 😀

    • APRIL 30th??!! Oh, well! But did you see Willam’s chick-fil-a video? Hysterical. Not to mention it really thickens the plot…. coincidence? Anyway, clearly Willam is going to come out of all this a-okay.

      And, whew, at least our Sharon is safe. THAT’S what had me biting my teeth the whole time. Until, well, that other thing!

      • LOVED IT. Willam will be just fine. I’ll talk about it more in my post, but I’ve just become yet a little more jaded because of this episode. But it was fabulous fun.

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