Just couldn’t wait…*SPOILER ALERT!!!*


FBQ Review-Scandal-Episode 4: Enemy of the State

Like last week, I offer you an honest-to-goodness recap from K. Lee at entertainment.gather.com.

First of all, I want to thank you Miss Things who are struggling through Scandal with the Queen. I’m sorry I haven’t been more active in the Comments section. In addition to musing about this particular episode–which won’t take long–I wanted to give my take on some of the posts.
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FBQ Review: RPDR S4,E13-The Final Three: Continued (Unlike RuPaul, I won’t make you wait until next week)

The reason I’m being so hard on you Ru, is because you are THE Dynamic Diva in Drag. Not only have you changed the face of Female Impersonation, but you’ve done so in an entertaining and artistic fashion. You are a consummate professional. The drivel you put out last night was—at best—amateurish, and—at worst—insulting to the intelligence of your viewers. Let’s continue, shall we?
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Scandal-Episode 3: Hell Hath No Fury

The Queen was about to start my recap of last night’s episode, and I went online to find the name of an episode character. In doing so I also found several recaps–including this one on entertainmentgather.com by K. Lee, which was a more than adequate play-by-play of the episode. No need for me to do the same–although I will say that the last ten minutes actually had me engrossed enough to tune out my next door neighbors, Chet and Stan, having a rousing argument about where they were spending their tenth-year anniversary: Provincetown or Rehoboth?
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