RPDR S4,E12-RuPaul Rewind: FBQ Countdown

Need proof that the wrestling ring set and extras, and Dragtona Beach set and extras busted the Drag Race budget? May this FBQ introduce you to: The Clip Show.

Ain’t no way the Queen is going to recap a recap show. So instead, I’ll give my top ten moments.

Michelle Visage as RuPaul

Well, girlfriend finally got her wish to be a Drag Queen. Funny though, the Queen never thought of her body as looking quite like that. She has a pretty and petit figure. If I am ever on a cruise, I’m going to make sure Michelle and Wendy Williams are there with me. The Queen will never drown holding onto them.

Which one is the Drag Queen?

Home Movies

I’d seen some of these movies before, but viewing them again I was struck by the poignancy and audacity of some. Like Phi Phi’s pageant speech about all drag queens getting along; Willam’s hilarious Smurfette; how many routines Chad took directly from his repertoire and how beautiful and sweet Sharon and Alaska are together. Hope those bitches can make it last.

It Never Gets Old


She.Looked. Stunning.

Bitch was SERVING it hunty!

Workroom Antics

Too bad he couldn’t have been this funny and animated in the competition itself. Although she did go up a couple of notches in the Queen’s esteem, because of the Doll Collection that’s behind her head in her home video.

Rick Fox

He would have been closer to number 1, but he didn’t take off any clothes during the episode.

Runway Countdown

The new Charlie's Angels.

The Queen totally disagreed with every one of the outfits. But the former contestants made it so much fun with their quips. Especially Pandora (of course):

Pandora on Dida:

Pandora on Latrice:

Phi Phi Was Last

Even though it was a lame-ass bit in the Queen’s opinion–it definitely made me wonder. While I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, I still can’t help but wonder if the order of the predictions actually was a clue? Unfortunately that’s the order that the Queen has (I’ve already booked my ticket to LA to meet RuPaul in the Ladies Room and kick his ass if I’m right). But Michelle looked divine (in some ways this episode turned out to be The Michelle Visage Show, don’t you think?).

The Library is Open

The Judges were ripe this season. Here were some of the Queen’s favorites from this recap episode:

Santino to Latrice Royale:
“If clothes look like a couch or an ottoman or a love seat, you just want to stay away from it, you know?”

Billy B about Michelle Visage:
Every time she laughs, her nuts get bigger.

Michelle Visage to RuPaul:
“I’m a black man, dressed as a white woman…sound familiar?

Rick Fox about Dida Ritz:
“She was going for ‘Sex in the City’ and it was more like ‘Sex in the Alley”

And the Queen’s #1 favorite moment of the evening:

Ross Reads

Maybe the Queen should try to remain impartial. Maybe I should hold my personal feelings about who wrapped this damn race up from Day 1 to myself. That’s what I think I’ll do. I will let you Miss Things let your feelings be known and read about your favorite moments and who you think is going to win.


The blog is yours!


26 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E12-RuPaul Rewind: FBQ Countdown

  1. Dammit, who told you that you could read my mind?! 😀

    Seriously, must be a case of “great minds think alike” going on, because I agree with you on ALL of it.

    A few extra thoughts of mine:
    1. Where was Michelle Visage when the Titanic sunk? They could have used those flotation devices. Good. Gawd.
    2. How ironic is it that it’s Phi Phi going on about queens getting along in peace and harmony?
    3. Why couldn’t they have aired some of this during the actual shows?
    4. The former contestants were fun, but come on–let them say who they really think is gonna win, or at least do a read on each one. That part was so awkward, it made the whole thing go “clunk”.

    As for my pick, I am torn between Chad and Sharon. Sharon is divine and pretty much my #1 choice, but Chad is such a class act and I just adore her, so I would not have a problem if she wins. (Now, if Phi Phi somehow gets chosen, there will be some hissy-fits galore going on here. )

    • Even though I think it’s going to happen the way I predict, I will be devastated if Sharon doesn’t win, I love Chad, but I think he’s going to win Miss Congeniality so I won’t feel bad for him. I just think Sharon is SO much more original.

      • Hi, FBQ. I find it interesting that most RPDR bloggers have the same opinion about Sharon vs Chad: they “wouldn’t mind” Chad winning because she is the sweetest and most wonderful queen + super fierce, gorgeous & talented, BUT—Sharon still takes top spot. Have yet to really meet anyone who is absolutely convinced that Chad will win (apart fr her own fans of course), in the face of Sharon’s undeniable & constantly breathtaking star power.

        So much attention goes to the Sharon-PhiPhi thing… it annoys me because PhiPhi is way below Sharon’s level in so many ways. I wonder how a Sharon-Chad competition angle (or Latrice-Sharon!) would’ve turned out if it was at all possible. At least it would’ve been a match between equals, and it would’ve been a competition about drag as an art.

        Love from the Philippines by way of Singapore! I super enjoy your posts.

  2. Oh yes, Ru looked fiercetastic last night! As my better half said, “all of her lady lumps were lookin’ sweet.” 🙂

    After watching this patch quilt episode, we came up with the idea that next season should be all about seasoned queens teaching younger queens the true art of drag and lip sync entertainment. If that doesn’t pan out, I’m not opposed to taking up a collection for an Evelyn Woods-esque Drag Speed Training Course for them ’cause if I don’t see another Kenya Doll with porn mouth (btw, babygirl, we ladies may moue but we don’t mew incessantly — it looks insane!) it’d be too soon.

    …and Sharon Needles for the win! 🙂

    • “After watching this patch quilt episode, we came up with the idea that next season should be all about seasoned queens teaching younger queens the true art of drag and lip sync entertainment.”

      I LURVE that idea!!! That what Drag U should REALLY be about! I’ve always had a little problem with DU’s premise anyway. The idea of a man telling a woman how to transform herself just seems a little presumptuous at best.

      Yes, I love that idea. You and your wife are brilliant. And I will be the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent coach. It’s settled.

      • As a “bioLOGical woman,” as Ru would say, I love the premise of Drag U – but I’m not so down with the execution.

        I’ll be honest – I am a tired-ass, fat housewife who passionately hates makeup and heels, but I do love the idea of hobnobbing with queens and playing dress-up. I have exactly zero desire to participate in a “real” makeover reality show, but the idea of playing at pretty costumes and lip syncing for a day – that sounds like fun to me. I think this show is for women like me (there used to be an uncharitable name for us back in the day when I was single. I wonder if it’s out of fashion in these enlightened times…)

        That being said, I wish the show was more about the queens and bioLOGicals and how they manage with each other, and less about the rigid show structure. Bonus points for inventive new ways to work in Lady Bunny.

  3. “If I am ever on a cruise, I’m going to make sure Michelle and Wendy Williams are there with me. The Queen will never drown holding onto them.”

    Can I get a witness? Michelle’s visage was very…very.

      • My initial reaction was – wow, Michelle’s visage(s) are so very SHINY. Certainly seem to have highly reflective surfaces.

        Sharon for the win (but I’d be pleased if Chad won too…), but I am with you on this one – afraid it’ll be Phi Phi. This will make me very sad. 😦

        And something random – I was watching a rerun of Criminal Minds last night, takes place in Detroit. And lo and behold, with a speaking part of several lines, there was Willam playing a street person helping out the FBI. I miss Willam.

  4. About the order of predictions in the little fortunetelling scene, think of it this way. Sharon was in the middle, right? Remember the last Untucked, the big argument about Sharon saying Phi-Phi placed herself in the middle, front and center, but it turned out Chad had placed Phi-Phi in the middle? So now Michelle is placing Sharon in the middle. Front and center, right? Right? (Okay, I’m grabbing at anything!)

    And that little scene of Sharon and Alaska was really sweet. I’m filing it away along with images of Barack and Michelle and my son and new daughter-in-law for when I need to remind my bitter little divorcee heart that love is not always a four-letter word!

    Team Sharon all the way! And everybody remember to like the Sharon Needles to host Facebook page!

    • “And that little scene of Sharon and Alaska was really sweet. I’m filing it away along with images of Barack and Michelle and my son and new daughter-in-law for when I need to remind my bitter little divorcee heart that love is not always a four-letter word!”

      Why do you think I spend so much time on pics and media like that? LOL

      • Well, hell, just look at my avatar. Really, we should each raise a glass and toast each other for not becoming cynical bitches. Despite the best efforts of some to make it so!

  5. No disrespect intended to Our Finalists, but someone who makes me laugh every time is gonna be my favorite. There needs to be a variety show based on “the best of” all sorts of performers who those of us who don’t get out much and/or don’t live in a metropolitan area can’t see except via t.v. or the Internet, specifically so that Pandora Boxx could make regular appearances. Not that RPDR isn’t a variety show, of sorts, but it’d be nice to allow the emphasis to be on showcasing performers’ strengths rather than a competition that depends on showing up weaknesses.

  6. I voted latrice for miss congeniality. For next season. I NEEEEED to see Detox iCunt. I have to. And if they put Alaska on that would be so perfect too. One idea I’d like them to implement is having a team mission where a partner does the make-up for the other person. I just want to see them change it up completely. And also I’m sick of them making over masculine guys. They should just get really feminine looking guys that have never done drag and make some fishy female illusions. Maybe not much of a challenge but I think it’d be interesting to see how real it gets.

    • And Ru’s look this episode was LOVE. That hair, dress, make-up. She looks better than Tyra (banks). Loved the slim fitting dress, it actually finally made me notice that Ru has a great corset under there.

    • I love that Sharon seems educated in her wittiness. Bringing up Taft for the chubby-chasers?! She seems the type that likes to read about things just b/c it’s interesting, not b/c it’s an assignment.

      • I loved the Taft remark, too! She is so freaking witty and smart. It really angers me that someone so bright and motivated was forced out of school.

  7. I am in the Chad or Sharon camp. Though Ru keeps talking about “the future of drag” and Sharon is definitely the future–I’ve never seen anyone like her. Her Party girl look from the dog challenge was one of my favorites of the whole season.

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