Just couldn’t wait…*SPOILER ALERT!!!*


14 thoughts on “Just couldn’t wait…*SPOILER ALERT!!!*

  1. I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

    Now, since I watched the livestream I can’t wait to see it tomorrow WITHOUT the projector screen right in front of Ru’s and Sharon’s face.

  2. Yay!!!!! I screamed with glee when they announced it! Also, hooray for Latrice! As if anyone else would get Miss Congeniality.

  3. Wow, just read that there were three endings filmed for the reunion show, as if each queen had won. So when we see Sharon react, she STILL didn’t know she had won. Damn, Ru was NOT going to let her show get spoiled this time!

    Oh, and when Sharon was told about the revelation about Willam (the three were backstage at the time), she basically said, oh, so that’s the story they’re going with, okay. We may never really know that one.


    • mefein, thanks for the link. I am a sucker for a celebrity interview, and this is the first one I’ve read, ever, that felt 100% honest to me.

      Sharon Needles is a damn treasure.

  4. Thank you, Scotty. I am in a meeting, so will not be able to view the Show until tomorrow, on the LogoTV Website. So glad to hear the news! And yay for Latrice, too. I voted for her, Ms. Congeniality!

  5. HAD to peek here before I watched my DVR-ed show–I knew as soon as I saw you’d posted who it was, but still had to peek. 🙂
    Now that I have watched it–SO happy Sharon won, and Latrice as Miss Congeniality was a given. I’m good with Willam’s story whether it’s true or not, because it sounds true enough to me, and I’m glad Phi Phi got a little dressing-down for her behavior–I hope she learns from it and grows, but that may take some doing.

    Will you be reviewing Drag U as well?

  6. What a relief! I was terrified we’d have to look at PSquared for another year. (Although I still guess we’ll see her on the never too great Absolut commercials). Good for Sharon. Very well deserved and definitely of the future :).

  7. So relieved, if you want you know the truth. If a visionary point of view and a unique talent can’t be rewarded in Drag which was developed as a reaction to more traditional forms of comedy, where can it? Sharon Needles has the ability to be the next generation of drag because she see new ways to connect with her audience. Beyond gender, her characters are bizarre aliens. No one is competing for, or winning, any beauty contests. The point isn’t to trick you into seeing a girl instead of a boy dressed in traditional woman’s trappings but rather to see some aspect of humanity in the alien.

    Or maybe the newbie to drag overthought the whole damn thing. I am going to miss ogling and objectifying the Pit Crew guys. (It doesn’t matter what team they play for when you are imagining them shirtless on a Harley, with a pair of bad boy sunglasses.)

    Congratulations, again and thanks for the thought provoking coverage.

  8. Thanks FBQ for all your posts this season! I agree that it’s about time Ru got it right…only took 4 seasons. I am so Happy for Sharon Needles & Latrice Royale. Was glad to hear Latrice will be on Drag U, am looking forward to that. Thanks again FBQ! Hope to read more from you again soon! XOXO!!

  9. I know! It’s so amazing! This is the first season that I felt the right queen won!

    I’m curious what you think of the non-crowning finale now that Sharon is the winner. Again, I’m sure part of it is spoilers but I’m not sure if Absolut was really willing to crown Sharon the winner until they saw just how huge she became. Hail Sharon!

    • I still think the non-crowning finale was a bait and switch. I really do think the reunited episode should have been the Finale with the crowning. Then the “reunited” episode could have gone back to its original format of a closed studio talk with the queens. THEN we could have gotten into some REAL dirt about what happened this season.

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