FBQ Review: RPDR S4,E13-The Final Three: Continued (Unlike RuPaul, I won’t make you wait until next week)

The reason I’m being so hard on you Ru, is because you are THE Dynamic Diva in Drag. Not only have you changed the face of Female Impersonation, but you’ve done so in an entertaining and artistic fashion. You are a consummate professional. The drivel you put out last night was—at best—amateurish, and—at worst—insulting to the intelligence of your viewers. Let’s continue, shall we?

Here’s a perfect example of the Queen’s dysfunctional writing style, and the primary downfall of Episode 13: I’m bored with this format of posting. And I’m bored with writing about such a trite piece of bovine feces. So I’m just going to head right to my conclusions.

My problem with the episode wasn’t so much the ending (although I don’t believe for one second that the viewers votes will have any impact on the choice of winner. If viewer voting was truly going to be a deciding factor, then it would be advertised from the beginning of the season as a fabulous selling point for the show–Like American Idol or Dancing With The Stars.). My problem with the episode is that it was given to us after a relatively strong season of thought and creativity. I worry about a franchise that feels the need to regurgitate formulaic material such as lunch with Ru, music video with Ru, etc., with no thoughts of innovation or originality.

The Queen understands that in order for a franchise to grow, you have to attract more people. RuPaul is an astute businessman, who has parlayed Drag into a lucrative business. As the Queen’s readership grows, I find myself facing the question of how to satisfy new readers while honoring the stalwarts who make this place fun and interesting. I can tell you one thing: it is not by dumbing down the product and simply appealing to sensationalism over content. I can’t help think of Tyra’s outfit, and how her style relates to all of this. Tyra usually has a germ of a great idea in her presentations. The big hair is glam. But not if the lace front isn’t right, or the lipstick looks like you just finished a caramel doughnut and forgot to wipe your mouth. What makes RuPaul a fabulous Drag Queen is the attention to detail. This episode had none of that.

The End.


11 thoughts on “FBQ Review: RPDR S4,E13-The Final Three: Continued (Unlike RuPaul, I won’t make you wait until next week)

    • Heh. “Gay Tevye” What was Mathu thinking? I kept looking at him, thinking it was fake. Because who besides a member of ZZ Top would grow a beard like that?

  1. “Jacked up” is exactly right. Those two were such train wrecks I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Tyra was awful. Raja was worse. I thought I was hallucinating, because why would Tyra’s lipstick look like she “just finished a caramel doughnut and forgot to wipe [her] mouth.”

    Sharon probably was getting a loser’s edit. But I don’t think that her having trouble with some dance steps is going to change anyone’s mind about her. If, deity forbid, Phi-Phi wins, I can’t imagine people thinking “Sharon lost because she can’t dance! Phi-Phi totally deserved to win.”

    I agree, Scotty, that votes from the fans will have no affect on Ru’s decision. And that, of course, is assuming she hasn’t already made one. I’m pretty sure she has.

    Anyway, I thought this episode was mostly fun. I love lunch with Ru, and her giving them a handful of Tictacs will never stop being funny. It’s become part of the finale. I live for lines like “I haven’t eaten since 1972”, and I’d be disappointed if Ru did away with it.

    I’ve seen competitive reality shows go downhill. It happened to ANTM and Project Runway. Even Top Chef has become more about the stupid challenges than about high quality cooking. But, while I think all the attention paid to Phi-Phi this season was a big mistake (has any queen been more hated and appeared less redeemable than Phi?), I don’t think, overall, the show has lost anything. Most of the eliminations has been fair, although I think the judges were on drugs more than once, because some of the comments they made were ridiculous. The challenges, for the most part, have been silly and fun, and we had some really great queens this season. I still haven’t seen the first season, but I can’t remember a trio as strong and fabulous as Sharon, Chad, and Latrice. Dida was an absolute joy, even when she screwed up. I loved how she learned and grew throughout the season. I even liked Milan (more off stage than on). And, of course, there’s Willam.

    Obviously, we have no idea what’s going to happen down the road, but, at the moment, I’m not hearing a death knell for RPDR.

  2. As a Raja fan since she sashayed through the door on the first day of Season 3, I was disappointed that she was not at her fiercest in this episode. Tyra is still so young and new that I sort of forgave her for that look but it too was not what I would have expected, especially when you see queens on past seasons looking even better after they’ve been on the show. Take Shangela for example; on the show, you could see she was having complexion problems (most likely from the makeup or misuse thereof) and she was only just starting to figure out how to do her face properly. Now, if you look at her YouTube videos, her makeup is hugely improved with flawless skin, not a bump in sight.

    This is the same format for the finale we’ve seen in the past three seasons, yet there was just no energy this time. No one seemed to be happy to be doing it; not the queens, not “gay Tevye” (that so made me giggle), not even Ru herself. I don’t know if something happened during filming this season that made everything go south (and if Absolut has been making demands and pulling sponsorship rank on things–as was mentioned in the comments on the last blog on this subject–that would be a possibility) or if they just ran out of ideas and said screw it, but something is very wrong here. My thinking on things usually is, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, but if what you’re doing isn’t fun for you, it’s not going to be fun for the people you’re doing it for, either.

    Personally, I don’t mind going with the same format for the finale as they’ve always done. I like to see a certain amount of repetition in “reality” competitions; it gives future competitors an idea of what to expect (and something to prepare for), and gives the judges (and the audience) something to compare them to, which always raises the bar. If you know what’s coming, you should be ready for it–or at least think that you are. I never want to see a Drag Race without a Snatch Game episode, and I’d be just as happy if they stuck to the current finale format. If they feel it needs to be livened up, then switch out video directors or add some guest stars or bring back past competitors for cameo appearances, but keep the basic format as is.

    As for you, dear FBQ, you are awesome just as you are. If what you write or how you write it makes you happy, that’s all that matters. After all, you can’t please everyone, and trying to do so is like trying to get dressed in a broom closet without a light–you may get results, but they won’t be pretty. 😉

    • I agree, it seems like every year Ru is having less and less fun and is hiding more and more frustration, and that idea makes me sad. It also makes the poses, catchphrases and knowing winks seem like they’re offered by a fembot and not a confident Glamazon commenting on formulaic television.

      I always thought the tic-tac lunch gave us just a glimpse of real insight into what Ru thought was important for and about her queens, but this one seemed entirely contrived and distant.

  3. It really would be great to see the finale something on the order of what Project Runway does. Let the queens develop a new act, with a new character, something they haven’t done before. Give them time and budget to do it — new wigs, the whole bit, so they’re on an even playing field there. Then let them each present their acts at a nightclub or some venue in front of a live audience (ticket sales could finance the extra budget needed). That would change it up a bit!

  4. Scotty, everything you said beautifully answers those who ask why anyone would get bent out of shape over a reality show. It’s one thing to be manipulated, but it’s another thing to feel cheap and sleazy on top of it. When you start treating your audience like they’re dumb, it’s time to go.

    I like lunch with Ru except when she tries to turn into Oprah. That kind sentimentality falls so flat. Also, it kind of felt like a humantiy retrofit for Phi2. I feel for her, but come ON.

  5. Oooooo, Queen! You seem SO UPSET with Mz. Ru about this episode! Well, Doll. let that Queen (Mz. RuPaul) make her coins, and you make yours. You have a right to express your opinion, and we LOVE reading it, because you know how to “read a bitch”! The “gay Tevye” (who actually “creeped me out”) line, and “these TWO BITCHES were jacked up” (re: Tyra and Raja) comments were HI-LA-RIOUS. Chile… I saw Raja (not in drag, and YES, with that blonde hair) on the Red Line, in Hollywood a couple of months ago, and the Queen looked BETTUH than she looked on Monday night! (lol) Well, I guess we will ALL have to wait until next week 2 see what Mz. Ru decided, because just like you said, “YOU KNOW” our little tweets and FB Posts didn’t have ANYTHING to do with her decision, outside of the fact that now she can SOMEHOW justify her decision, if anyone complains. I hope it’s Sharon, or if not Ms. Chad “Sweeter-Than-Pie” Michaels. We ALL know Mz. Latrice Royale should have been in that Finale. I hope Mz. Ru is hooking that Queen up “big time,” for making her take a dive! Big Viral Hugs!

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