Tea Time VII

Sorry the Queen wasn’t available for Sunday Brunch. My royal family is on baby watch. My great-niece is about to make me a great-great uncle, and every time the poor thing coughs , the whole brood sweeps down on her like a hawk stalking its prey. However I have great plans for our next few get-togethers. I can’t wait…for my niece and next Sunday!

So here we go: the time has come for us Miss Things to lipsync…FOR. OUR. LIVES.

The Queen was trying to find out if Vegas had any odds out on Drag Race. So far, no luck. Although I CAN tell you that the odds on Gladys Knight winning Dancing With the Stars are 100/1. The Queen hopes she proves them all wrong and takes that trophy home on the midnight train to Georgia.

So who’s your pick? I’m going to put up two polls: the first is who do you WANT to win? The second is who do you THINK will win. If we get a bunch of participants, I will post the results. Hell, even if we DON’T get a lot of participants, I’ll post the results. LOL. Hopefully the Queen will get a chance to watch with Bianca over Skype. He’s been on the road with his partner who is in the finals of a Whistling Competition. Isn’t that FABULOUS!!! Send out good wishes!


7 thoughts on “Tea Time VII

  1. Ugh…hate that I can’t see it until tomorrow (no Logo in our area). I’ll have to avoid FB and Twitter until the finale has been posted on Logo’s website.

    But yeah, if Sharon doesn’t win, there’s going to be an uprising…and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    Congrats on your family’s pending arrival; how exciting! 🙂

  2. I think it will be Sharon and I would love it if it was Sharon, but part of me would also love to see Chad win. I am so torn, it’s not funny.

    If Phi Phi wins, though, there will be holy you-know-what to pay. She is at nowhere near the talent level needed to surpass either Chad or Sharon, never mind jump over both of them to get the win.

    Congratulations on your impending great-great niece or nephew! I will be thinking good thoughts for a healthy, happy baby, a smooth and uncomplicated birth and a quick recovery for your great-niece.

  3. Congratulations on the blessed event!

    I think Sharon will win. But she has already won the war, that’s for sure, even if she loses the battle tonight. That bitch is on fire! Speaking of which, everybody remember to like the Sharon Needles to Host SNL Facebook page. I know I’m repeating myself, but I REALLY want to see that! I think she would be fabulous.

    Well, while you’re Skyping with Bianca, you should also be live tweeting, of course. Got to hone those multitasking skills so you can have a chance of keeping up with that niece or nephew of yours!

    Looking forward to your post tomorrow. Let’s hope it’s celebratory, and there will be no need to visit that parking lot outside of Ru’s studio…


    I won’t spoil it for the west coast crowd, but tacky, tacky, tacky.

    Congrats on niece or nephew!

  5. Oh, now come ON, Ru! Seriously? She’d better really be taking viewers’ opinions into account if we have to wait another week!

  6. Wow, that was powerfully uncool, Ru.

    I’ll wait til tomorrow to post my thoughts, but I felt compelled to come here to get a little venting done to ease the pressure. Grrrrrr.

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