Sunday Brunch 6/10/2012

Well, what a fitting category for the 100th Post. And what a fitting time to once again thank everyone who has taken a moment to read my words. When I started this in January, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that if I kept doing the same thing, I was going to get the same results. As one of my mentors Robert Alexander used to say: “You can’t do what you don’t know, if you keep doing what you know.” So I started doing something that I don’t know: blogging.
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Dear Fierce Black Queen

And now it’s time for another installment (Okay, okay this is the FIRST installment–so don’t go searching the Archives section. I just like the way “another installment” sounds.) of “Dear Fierce Black Queen.” In which I tackle the thousands and thousands of e-mails the Queen receives (Again, bold-face lie. It just makes me feel impressive.) asking for advice on all matters of importance and interest.
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FBQ Sunday Brunch 6/3/2012

Okay Miss Things. Told ‘ya a coupla weeks ago that the trip to Amsterdam broke me. So we’re going close by today. Touristy and tacky–filled with kitsch and all things commercial. No, that would not be my apartment. That would be Ocean City, Maryland. And the Queen loves it.
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