FBQ Cawfee Talk XIV

Who brought in the Dark Roast? Whoever you are: God Bless You.

You’ll have to forgive the Queen for being a little groggy.

After our fabulous trip to Ocean City, MD and Chincoteague, VA, I went back up the coast to Happy Hour at the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

For the record: you should never follow several Long Island Ice Teas with vodka martinis.

Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma

Had a BLAST with you Miss Things who were able to come along for the Brunch. Maybe next week I will bust into my 401K and spring for something exotic. Ooooh, I hear a bunch of you Divas admonishing me for even thinking such a thing. The Queen is horribly immature when it comes to money issues–something I am working on as I write. And it seems that George Zimmerman and his wife are as well. Which brings us to another installment of:

What happens in our lives that changes us from the non-judgmental little people we once were, into the jaded, guarded (sometimes bitter) people we become? It’s the starting point for all great dramas. Exploring that crossroads–be it the toy you never got or finding out that Santa is not the person you thought he was–we all discover that at some point (in fact many points in our lives), all of our songs are changed. Melanie’s anthem immediately popped into my head.

It pisses me off that I find George Zimmerman hot (especially in his huskier incarnation). It bothers me that I can find someone who is getting caught again and again in discrepancy after discrepancy even remotely attractive. Until I remember that this is only one act in his life. A heinous act, to put it mildly, but only one moment that fits into the puzzle of who he is. I certainly don’t want to be defined simply by the poor choices I’ve made. Hell, I don’t want to be defined simply by the positive ones. I want my legacy to be reflected in the perfect soul that I am meant to be. Which is so often reflected in the young people I’ve had the blessing to work with and to know. When I hear about another crappy thing this guy did, I want to focus on the beautiful little boy he used to be.

And I will not forget that another beautiful boy had to die in order for us to have this conversation.


6 thoughts on “FBQ Cawfee Talk XIV

  1. The older I get the more I see how life has the ability to turn us all into things we are not. That innocent child in all of us gets buried under layers of hurt, sorrow and disappointment. We get stuck on paths that we don’t want to be on, but we can’t turn around and go back. Some people have it a lot worse than others, of course, but it takes great strength of character to remain true to who you are through it all. Knowing this makes forgiveness of others somewhat easier. There’s not much I won’t forgive if people are truly sorry.

    Still, the things I have trouble forgiving are deliberate cruelty and violence against others. I simply can’t make sense of them. I can’t make sense of taking the life of a young boy. What Zimmerman did makes it very difficult for me to care too much about how he got to be the way he is. I want to believe that people like this are not beyond redemption, but it’s difficult.

    On a lighter note: OMG Melanie! You definitely have to be “of a certain age” to even know who she is, but she was (is) kind of great. My very first record of any kind was a 45 of “Brand New Key.” Thank goodness for YouTube allowing us to enjoy some of these old, forgotten performances. Check out the video of “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)” too. Takes me way back.

  2. Don’t have much to add to the Zimmerman story, except that he’s off to a helluva start with the judge, considering his case pretty much rests on his credibility. Oops!

    And don’t you go touching that 401K! Especially not on us. Alas, I can’t claim to be any better, and the ex was a disaster. I suspect it’s a good thing I’m essentially living in my 401K. Too much liquidity is probably not good for me. Unless it’s the cocktail kind. (Okay, I guess technically that’s not good for me either. But it all depends on how you define “good”!)

    Oh, and I like the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not feature. I see great possibilities!

  3. “Oh, I got a brand new pair of roller skates, You got a brand new key . . . ”

    Curse you both, ScottyF & ScottAntoine! That one’s gonna be around a while.

    Yeah, unless you’re already permanently attached to a medical device and/or bouncing in and out of long stays in a nursing home, leave that 401K alone. For now, anyway. You’re too young, yet, to dribble it away in bits & pieces or even to blow it all at once on a good time!

    (Oh & ditto on the tales, so often sad, that bring us all from the children full of promise to the adults we come to be. Even the best of us have considerable tarnish.)

    • Ha, I am cursing myself! “Brand New Key” has been stuck in my brain ALL DAY LONG, catchy little ditty that it is!

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