I’ll Never Have That Recipe Again

It feels like my musical childhood is all going to heaven.

I wish their families peace.


7 thoughts on “I’ll Never Have That Recipe Again

  1. It seems like we are losing pieces of cultural identify lately. I know that is partly a result of the Baby Boomer population starting to age but is is sad to see so many of my childhood memories slip away. On a personal note, my family lost a matriarch to breast cancer Monday night so my rage at this filthy disease that takes too many beautiful woman (and men) away before their time is unchecked. Please, if your are 40 or older and you haven’t done it yet, get a screening mammogram and do monthly breast self exams. Donna Summer was 63.

    • I’m so sorry julaine. So many of my loved ones have been taken by cancer in the past few years that I’ve lost count. It is a filthy disease.

      I know what you mean about losing pieces of our cultural identity. It seems as though every time I turn around, another person who influenced our lives has died. it is inevitable, of course, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

  2. A very sad day, indeed, and thoughts and prayers go out to friends and families. I remember dancing to Donna Summer in my mom’s kitchen when I was a teen and trying to sing like she did (and failing miserably). Too many of the icons of my youth are leaving, it depresses the bejeezus out of me. 😦

  3. I actually thought I was going to cry when my co-worker told us about Donna Summer at lunch today. I’m not one prone to tears over people I don’t know but I listen to DS every night on my iPod while I work out. Sad day.

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