FBQ Cawfee Talk XI

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been posting very much this last week or so.

I’m going to be quite honest with you: Life bites the Big One right now.

The logistics of my present situation are beating me about the face and neck like a rented mule. And the Queen could be handling things better. Bianca is not feeling it: we’re on the outs. And–as I need new prescriptions for eyewear–I can’t see the end of the tunnel.

Most importantly the Queen is worried about you Miss Things.

I know I’ve lost the momentum brought on by the posts about RuPaul’s Drag Race. Thanks to Sharon, there was a time when the blog got 4500 hits in one day. For a new blog I’m told that’s quite something. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a majority of those viewers–at least till next season. It was occasionalblonde who said “A part of me wants to see you have great success with FBQ, but another part sometimes hopes it stays just the way it is right now. It’s a jackass-free zone, and those are hard to find on the interwebs.” And as the great, classically trained and Iconic actor Demi Moore uttered in the timeless cinema masterpiece Ghost:

As humbled as I am by anyone who checks out FBQ, I am most indebted and in awe of the folks who’ve been here for a while, and continue to stick around. And also, by the new folks who say that they might have come here for Drag Race, but stayed for the comments and the comraderie. You all get me through a lot of rough days.

It is to you Miss Things that I would like to apologize.

Hopefully things will change soon. However, until then my posts may be sporadic. It’s not lack of ideas or interest–it’s simply logistics. The Queen PROMISES that I haven’t gone anywhere. And if there isn’t a new post up, I am probably somewhere thinking of something I’d like to get your opinion on. So one will be up shortly and with the high hopes of a lively conversation soon to follow.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. You all have dug into my heart like a Boll Weevil on a cotton plant.


19 thoughts on “FBQ Cawfee Talk XI

  1. You’re under no obligation to post to a schedule, especially when you are in the doldrums, here’s hoping the things that are getting you down go their sweet way soon, and we’ll all be here for a natter when you feel more in the mood for one

  2. Don’t you worry about this Miss Thing, hon–been there, done that when it comes to life and the ass-biting, so I can totally relate. You blog when you are damn good and ready to do so and I will be here to throw my two cents back atcha. You are too much fun and I know you will be worth the wait. Hugs and much love, and I will be thinking many good thoughts that whatever’s got you down will be under your heel in no time. 🙂

  3. Please don’t ever feel pressured to post. We’ll be here, when the inspiration to do so strikes. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and know there are people you’ve never met who want happiness for you.

  4. No pressure! Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Know that there has to be warm, golden light at the end of this tunnel of rough days. Things will get better! And don’t worry, you’re not gonna be able to get rid of us that easily.

  5. There are some of us out here that don’t comment on a regular basis, but whether that daily hit statistic is 4500 or 45, you best believe that we are in it. And so it goes without saying that we will be here when things are better in your world – which we pray will happen soon. You bring too much light and laughter to our day, not to have some in yours. We’ll be here for you – when evah!!! Count on it!!

  6. Oh, Scotty. I think we all understand where you’re at right now. Don’t worry about us. We’ll be here when you’re ready to write again. In the meantime, wallow a little bit, have some chicken soup, ice cream, vodka, whatever you need to get you through.

    Your Miss Things love you and think you’re the best. We wish you nothing but joy. Know that.

  7. What everyone else has said! We’ll check in, whether you have to let your posts go for a day or two or a month or two. The down side of virtual well-wishing is that it’s just, well, virtual. These are still tough times in our country – and however personal your challenges, that plays a role in determining the temperature of the waters you’re swimming in.

    So do what you can to treat yourself and support yourself as you’d treat and support a dear, old friend – one for whom you’d dig deep, step up, and push hard – but still, would always, always treat generously and kindly.

  8. Remember the PBS artist Bob Ross who would paint those scenic canvases of “happy clouds” and “happy little trees?” From time to time I look up in the sky and say to whomever I’m with (even my dog) “see those happy clouds?” It always seems to make me feel better.

    You’re a lot like Mr. Ross, but with words.

  9. Well, I can only say ditto to what everyone has said. Of course we’ll stand by. But I’m also going to risk being completely out of line and say that if part of what you’re dealing with is depression, please, please seek out help for it. Surely there are resources – clinics, community health centers, universities. Depression does not just go away, and it should not be treated as some Sisyphus-like test of character. It is treatable.

    This is been-there-done-that talking, Scotty. I lost too many years to inertia and the attendant self-loathing that went with it. There are enough problems out there, especially these days, and we need to be well to deal with them. Not superhuman, just well. And if I’m out of line, please forgive me. But also just do a little research and get on the phone, okay?

    I’m on Amtrak again, heading to your neck of the woods. I’ll be thinking of you when I pass New Carrollton!

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