Cawfee Talk VII

This week’s Drag Race episode got the Queen to thinking. While the Queen is not fond of the male or female form of the acronym, I have to admit that there are some awfully sexy moms and dads out there. And as I stated in my original Sunday Brunch post: fewer things are more attractive than a father playing with his kids. I think it’s a combination of things: the commitment to people other than himself; knowledge that kids need to bond and have fun, and watching the joy that emanates from him as he interacts with his offspring. Recently I was perusing this article on I agreed with most of their picks, and it got me to thinking: “Which dads in the public eye would the Queen like to …err…frock? If they were gay and unmarried, of course. How about you Miss Things?


Here’s hoping it’s good. Are you like the Queen in that you judge a new movie or tv show on the source of its cited review or endorsement? If the font which is used is super small, then I assume it’s a lesser known periodical and it brings up a flag for me. I mean, am I supposed to tune in because ET Online thinks it’s the best new show?

The Queen is of two minds on this one. First, I want it to do well because it’s the first series to star a female black actor in 37 years. At the same time, do I really want to watch another show about bad behavior and the “art” of “cleaning it up” (The Clinton-Lewinsky-like shot in the promo was oddly disturbing)? I’ll hold my self-righteous monarchical judgement until I see it, but I’m damned glad that we’ve got powerful Shonda Rhimes around to change things. Virginia Rometty: are you listening?

Presidential “Prosper”

Is it wrong that I love the fact that Our President is a geek?


7 thoughts on “Cawfee Talk VII

  1. You know, I always think I can’t possibly love our President more, and then there he is, flying his geek flag. He is clearly the most adorable president in modern history.

    • I feel exactly like this. With an overlay of thinking “it’s okay to be making these shallow judgements because I already know he’s incredibly smart.”

      But, I always feel an undertone of dread in the background – there are no perfect people. While he’s got to be close (because the ARMY of muckrakers always on the hunt for dirt on any public figure has got to be at least tripled in his case and they can’t turn anything up that even his rabidly irrational opponents have been able to use). So I’m hoping not, but wondering what evidence of his human frailty is eventually going to emerge.

      Whatever it is, I hope the revelations hold off for 20 years. And that they’re not all about how fraught his marriage really was.

  2. So funny; I said the exact same thing to my husband, when showing him the Obama/Uhura picture.

    And an A-MEN to your DILF selections…yum.

  3. I find it more heartwarming than particularly attractive when I see a man being there for his children, probably because I’m conditioned to expect that there’s a mom to go with that dad and I would not want to poach on another woman’s turf (although I will say that all the men featured in the article are very easy on the eyes). Having little or no contact with my own father and hearing all the tales of “deadbeat dads” in this day and age, it always makes me happy to see men who are dedicated to raising their children. There are too many young men and women growing up without that kind of positive male influence in their lives.

    As for our President, I not only love that he is a geek, but that he is also a huge sports fan and stays loyal to his teams no matter what, even if they’re not the same teams that I root for.

  4. Our president is on my short list of Perfect Human Beings. (For reference the only other person on that list I can think of atm is Ian McKellen, whom I desperately want to be when I grow up, differences in sex, gender, and sexuality notwithstanding.)

  5. Obama appears to adore his wife and there is nothing sexier than seeing a good man who is unafraid to allow the world to to see a glimpse of his passion reined. Both of the Obamas seem to be involved, caring parents who are not putting their children on display for personal or political gain. Hopefully, when Sasha and Malia grow up they will look back on their White House years with fond memories.

  6. I’m not really very fond of those acronyms either, but I wholeheartedly endorse your selection! Sexy men all of them. Thanks for the Obama-Uhura pic–I hadn’t seen it and I love it.

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