Tea Time VI

All over the place today. Like probably all of you Miss Things.

But there were a couple of things on the Queen’s mind that need musing on.

Project Runway All Stars: Gretchen can now leave the Witness Protection Program

So, instead of a Fierce Black Queen, we have a Fierce Latino Queen winning Project Runway All Stars. This FBQ can definitely live with that.
Tom and Lorenzo pretty much said it all.
Mondo had all but lost me with the whiny stuff, but this episode reminded me of why I fell in love with him as a person. Of the three collections, his would be the one I was most interested in if I were a woman. And young. And skinny.
On some level I can see why producers are wary of all stars shows like this. Since most of the returning contestants are a little more media savvy, there is huge chance of them watching what they say and not providing enough drama. Kenley is the perfect example of that. But before they decide that every show needs to be 90% dysfunctional behavior, why not go back to the original concept: spend more time in the workroom deconstructing the creative process. That’s one of the things I appreciate about Work of Art: you can still have quirky people and drama–just let us see the PROCESS of artistic creation.

I definitely was underwhelmed by the show–and frankly by most of the designer’s work. But even if I wasn’t jumping up and down for Mondo’s retribution, the Queen definitely thinks he deserved the win. And most importantly, we PR fans can lay off Gretchen and MOVE ON.

Gretchen, if you’re reading this: you can now sell all of the Granny Panties you want in peace.


Who’s auditioning for Season 10? Make sure to take your Bronzer along, and remember: No matter how many years of sewing you have under your belt, tell them you’ve only been doing it for Four Months.


Now that PR is over with until the summer, the Queen is looking for a new guilty pleasure for that time slot. Has anyone checked out ABC’s Missing? I’ve usually found Ashley Judd to be a thoughtful and interesting actor to watch. It’s got an Alias feel to it. And since I very much heart that show, I would want to check it out. Even though the Queen would like to think of himself as someone who prefers to find non-violent solutions to problems, I will admit that watching a woman kick serious ass is pretty damned exhilarating.

Good? Bad? Would the show be better if Ashley were kicking the ass of her real life mother and sister? Discuss.

And Finally…Trayvon Martin

I could go on about this. And maybe one day I will. I said I wanted this blog to express a middle-aged gay black man’s point of view. Trying to healthily and successfully communicate what being a black male in this country means and entails–for myself and others–has been my lifelong mission. But ultimately, in the end this was simply about a teenager with the chance at a whole, wonderful life ahead of him. As his mother, Sabrina Fulton said: “Our son is your son…”. If nothing else, don’t we owe him the respect of finding out why it was cut short?

And still, with tears splashing my keyboard for Trayvon and his family, I stubbornly hold onto the vision that Coalhouse Walker from the musical Ragtime has for his son:


5 thoughts on “Tea Time VI

  1. PRAS = meh.

    I do love Anthony and wish they’d give him his own show, though. And Austin fascinates me…he just seems so otherworldly (albeit a bit fussy).

    Thanks for the tip on Missing. I need a new series to “get into”. I thought Awake might be it, but so far it’s not grabbed me.

    Trayvon Martin. This situation is just infuriating and heartbreaking. I’m so glad people are not allowing it to be swept under the rug. The fact that his killer has not yet been arrested just compounds the injustice.

    Have you seen this article:


    • Regarding Missing: I think I’m going to check out a couple of episodes online and see what I think.

      Thank you for the article. It makes me wonder if anyone has ever compiled “walking while Black” stories into a volume? Having countless tales of my own, there is a benefit to participating in the “group therapy” of knowing others have dealt with the same things.

      I must admit that I won’t listen to the calls. At fifty, I find myself more amicable to suppressing the ocean of rage which still lies deep within me, than dealing with the powerful emotion and reaction that hearing the screams of a child would bring. The horrific sight of Emmett’s bloated, mangled body stays with me still. The article reminds me that Trayvon IS my child, as are any young people with which I am blessed by Grace to have in my life. I owe it to him to unleash my rage in the most constructive ways possible.

      How prophetic. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes’ Wake Up Everybody just started playing on my iPod. I guess the Universe is letting me know that I’ve still got work to do before I leave this plane of existence.

  2. I live in a gated community in Florida and have been literally been choking with rage since this story hit the news. How this man was able to persue an unarmed young man through a neighborhood, confront him, wrestle him to the ground and then shot him and not be immediately taken into custody and arrested is beyond belief. He was instructed by the 911 officer not to engage, he saw no crime committed, and he was not in any way in danger from this teenager walking through his neighborhood. This situation doesn’t qualify under any self defense standards and to claim they do takes that protection away from people who are legitimately in danger. Zimmerman placed 41 calls to 911 in the last year. This is a man who was looking for trouble and a chance to insert him self into a crime in progress in order to create an image of himself as a rescuer or a hero. He has probably tried and failed to get hired as a police officer in the past and neighborhood watch was a substitute.

    Once again we’re talking across the racial divide and I would like to know when we’re going to get past this. When is it going to stop mattering so much? Everytime I think the human race has turned a corner I’m confronted by this kind of stupidity. I will say that everyone I know, including my 83 year father that lives less that 30 miles away from where this shooting occurred is up in arms about it and is hoping the FBI steps in if the local authorities won’t.

  3. Seperated my posts for clarity of content and tone.

    Mondo, Mondo, Mondo. A textbook primer in how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    He won, but by the time he did, I just couldn’t care less. He whined, he bitched. He was thoroughly unpleasant to his competition. He treated his victories like his due and his losses like snubs. Then B/M gave them 4 days to create 6 looks that resulted in derivative shoddy work and a finale that was more boring than a reinactment of War and Peace with action figures. His was the best of the three but I wouldn’t have called it great and Mondo as a brand has been destroyed without a major PR offensive.

    Austin lives in his head and it must be a great fantasy land most of the time. That wedding gown was spectacular. The rest was uneven and he, the most of the three, would have benefited from time to reflect, recharge, regroup. I think he would have found a way to edit and create a throughline his collection and come up with a more cohesive explanation for his thought process. Marie Antionette in the 21 century is ALWAYS going to be his muse. He just keeps trying to explain how HE could wind up wearing those clothes, over and over again.

    Michael is a dressmaker with tacky taste. He would be perfect designing for pop stars and trophy wives. Bring him a picture and he’ll copy it. His talent for mimicry is part and parcel with his persona. I think he has been forced to cover up his real personality and self for so long it has stifled his creativity. He unconsciously looks for cues from the behavior of others around him. His clothes last night we’re better than I expected. Bland, commercial, patterns and materials derived from clothes in vogue immediately prior to his selecting them.

    I had a lot emotionly involved with Project Runway and I am still not sure if I can give it up cold turkey. Through it, I found T and Lo, Mad Men, and you, Scotty. But, when I find myself timing commercial timeouts (would it surprise you to know that they out numbering programming content last night) it may be time for me to step away and pick my Kindle up instead.

  4. PRAS: More than who was in the finale, I am as unhappy as I can be about giving them only 4 or 5 days to make their collections. I wanted to see what they could do with time and someone else’s money. We already KNOW what they can do in under-a-day-per-garment-and-exhaused. I did, unlike most, love Austin’s models’ 1840s-ish sausage curl hairstyles.

    I don’t even know what’s on t.v. against PR, so no help there.

    Trayvon Martin: Tragedy. His poor parents. All one can hope is that this wakes up some of those who think we don’t still have institutionalized racism, at least not among “nice people” who live comfortable lives in comfortable communities.

    Living as I do in a state where if you feel threatened by someone who is on your property, popular belief (and, with caveats, the law) says you can shoot them, bad things happen. And if you’re a young man of color, they happen waaaay more often. An incident happened here, recently. Latino homeowner, latino young man, and the homeowner did get arrested. It didn’t/won’t make the national news. It’s too common. No less a tragedy for a family, a promising college student stupid enough to get drunk and wander into someone else’s yard, and a homeowner (& his family) whose fear-turned-to-aggression led him to make a decision that led him to kill.

    I’ve had the talk with my son (who’s a mixed race Latino who reads black or latin mostly dependent on the expectations of the viewer) that I’m sure Trayvon’s parents’ had with him. It’s a sad and often warping thing to have to teach a child – that they will be seen as guilty, and as a threat, often, and someday when they least expect it may have to defuse misplaced anger. That they can’t afford to express righteous indignation if unfairly accused lest it be interpreted as aggression. That if they have white friends, they will almost always be assigned heaviest blame, reflexively, if the group gets in trouble outside their families’ circles.

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