RPDR S4, E8-Untucking with the Enemy

The Women

So we start the episode with the girls split up into different lounges to insure the maximum amount of drama. Willam was yet again the voice of reason. As the Queen pointed out in the first post on this episode: it was obvious that onstage Phi Phi couldn’t hold the harmony. Willam would have known who was off-pitch in the runway show–Phi Phi or Sharon. And indeed he starts by asking Phi Phi that very question. If it weren’t so pitiful, it would have been hilarious to watch Phi Phi’s convoluted reply. Okay, it was hilarious. She is a text book case in dysfunctional human behavior. Her inability to take responsibility for her actions is both infuriating and very telling of her fragile emotional state. I’d feel empathy for her if her acting out wasn’t so vile and ugly.

In the Interior Illusions Lounge, Sharon is losing it. Am I wrong because I’m moved by her tears? If I believe everything else is manufactured, why do I empathize with Sharon? There’s just something about that gawky, self-effacing young queen that gets to this Old Queen every time.

Back in the Gold Lounge, Willam schooled Phi Phi on what it meant to be a part of a team onstage. And as usual, instead of taking the sage utterances of someone who has a decade of success as a professional actor under his tuck, Phi Phi cuts off her balls to spite her penis. I pray this is all an act, and that this individual is giving an Emmy Award Winning performance. However, if he really is that clueless..

“He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool—shun him” (adaptation of an Arabian Proverb)

All About Eve

So in the Illusions lounge we find out that Phi Phi was trying to get Latrice to throw the challenge in order to get Willam sashayed. Latrice said no. Which is probably good for her, because personally I think Willam would have used her as a giant, plush Swiffer Jet, and mopped the stage with her. I also love that we find out that Chad recognizes the REAL virus in the group as Phi Phi, and thinks she should be gone.
And in the Gold Lounge, Phi Phi gets another lesson on why she needs to shut that friggin’ mouth. After gushing at the comment from Pamela Anderson about Phi Phi channeling her, he talks about his decision to wear a blonde wig: “I don’t wear blonde, but I’ll just do it ’cause, you know, Pamela’s gonna be here…” and Willam jumps right on it. The boy knows every incarnation of Miss O’Hara’s topical wardrobe and runs it down to her. And STILL Phi Phi doesn’t get how fierce her competitor is. I learned something about him through this episode. I realize that every time he lights into Willam–he’s unconsciously talking about himself. Watch the episode again. This is someone who is so jealous of another person, and so down on and angry at himself, that he lashes out every chance he gets. It was a revelation to realize that this too is classic dysfunctional behavior. It both disgusts and fascinates me at the same time. I hope the boy gets help.

Valley of the Dolls

All right. Let’s get down to the Willam thang:

There are as many speculations about what Willam did as there are butt holes. I’ve read drugs, I’ve read endorsements under the table, I’ve read that he’s really a woman. Who knows. Willam’s not telling. I hope he wrings this out for every penny it’s worth. My problem is not with him. My problem is with the producers.

The Queen has lost some serious respect for Drag Race. Not that they kicked Willam out if he actually broke the rules, but that they handled it so poorly and expected us to believe it wasn’t planned. Producers, if you’re going to script this then at LEAST fill in the gaps!!!

Ladies and Gentleman of Fierce Black Queen Jury–I submit to you:

  • If it really was a crime that heinous, then the sacking wouldn’t have been done on air. The lawyers wouldn’t have allowed it.
  • Phi Phi is a known saboteur. WHY in heaven’s name would he hold back any information that would get Willam canned?
  • It sounds like all the queens knew that Willam was doing something that broke the contract…why aren’t THEY in trouble for that? Doesn’t knowing that someone is breaking the law and doing nothing about it make you an accessory?
  • We KNOW that everybody is in on it when the ENTIRE cast is strategically staying away from the specifics of his infraction(s). Remember producers, we’ve met Phi Phi before. We know she can’t keep her mouth shut to ANYTHING that would harm others–ESPECIALLY Willam.
  • Why would you incense viewers (Bianca) by making us wait until the Reunion to find out what Willam did? Don’t you realize right there that we all get that you are using this as a ratings stunt more than any real outrage regarding his actions?

Oh, and Pamela’s visit with the queens was fun. Just too short. And pointless. In other words: Perfect.

Don’t get me wrong. These stacked up to be two of my favorite episodes thus far: neatly plotted and quite entertaining. It just reminded me that there is really no such thing as unscripted TV.

All Right Miss Things: Let it Fly.


6 thoughts on “RPDR S4, E8-Untucking with the Enemy

  1. Have you heard about the rumours that Phi Phi has been telling people she won the competition? What are your thoughts? If it were true it would be fantastic to see the crown snatched from her head cause I assume telling people would be a breach on contract.

    Anywhoo – spot on commentary of Phi Phi’s mental problems, but I will also add that I truly believe she has no understanding of drag outside her own limited scope. Sharon is alternative non pretty/pageant and Willam is an actor who is playing a role (played the show it seemed) and Phi Phi cannot comprehend anything outside of her own scope and possibly believes it is bad.

    Even if Phi Phi was to win the entire season was stolen by Willam which makes me so very happy.

  2. What Phi Phi does is called psychological projection — she does it to both Willam & Sharon. The saddest thing about this kind of person is no matter how much anyone tells them what he’s doing, no matter when he sees it on TV, he will never be able to recognize it — it’s like a vampire, unable to see his own reflection.

  3. I really liked Willam in the HuffPo piece.

    I was mentioning to a friend that I’m surprised no one’s barfed on the runway before. With all the Absolut and nerves, you’d think they’d have a cleanup crew standing by.

    Ugh, you know we probably have to suffer through a couple more episodes with the delightful Miss O’Hara because she’s such a giant bitch. If she really did win, I don’t know if I’d be able to watch RPDR anymore, it’s kind of like Anya on PR.

    C’mon Sharon! She totally would have been at my lunch table in high school.

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