Cawfee Talk IV

Not bad for a dang cell phone camera, huh?

You know, gray days in the city don’t get enough credit. There’s something magic about the the way the subtle shades of charcoal and white clouds slowly swirl and dance with the buildings. The mist rising across the waters of the Hudson, and the occasional sound of a ship’s horn cutting across the relative quiet of the morning. It’s slightly heady, and whispers the promise of possibility for a new day.

It’s amazing what a venti cup of Starbucks can do for your imagination.

The Queen is working on his musings about this week’s episode of Untucked. Until he gets that out, here are a couple of things to talk about around the Deer Park tank:

Commercial Catalog Recap

Don’t know if there really is enough to do a full post on this sucker. I guess we could do a weekly run down on the designers and their designs, but to be perfectly honest: the Queen doesn’t really give a souris’ derriere. I agreed with all of the mentors and understood why they wanted the individual designers to make certain corrections. And of course they were always right. I DO wonder whether the show will have the balls to let the designers prevail once in a while.
What I LOVE about the show so far is that it doesn’t seem to pander to personality types. I LOVE that it seems to be about the Business of Fashion. Oscar’s clothing looked like the stuff you get at stores on 34th and 8th in Manhattan (or Fashion Bug in any mall) for 2 for &10.00. It is REALLY nice to see a show in which being a drama queen gets you nothing. I’ll keep watching simply for those fierce diva buyers and the silver bear (I’ll buy whatever he’s selling). Your thoughts?

The Never Ending Story: Race for the Republican Presidential Nomination

Of course the Queen has been following the primaries. And again Romney looks like he’s wrapping it up with his successive wins in Puerto Rico and Illinois. However, like any good Soap Opera, there will most likely be a couple of twists before the end. The Queen sees a Reality Show Competition in the candidates’ futures.

Stay tuned.

Hey Senator Santorum: Check this out!

Love this.

Hope all you Miss Things have a FABULOUS day!


5 thoughts on “Cawfee Talk IV

  1. I’m feeling a little ranty today, Scotty. I woke up with a raging headache; one of the cats has already stolen my chair – the only chair in the house that’s comfortable, and helps ease my first-thing-in-the-morning back pain, which is worse than usual because my back went out yesterday; another cat won’t stay off the keyboard and keeps sticking his butt in my face; and the kitchen faucet is dripping water like crazy, which it’s been doing for months now, and no matter what my husband does to fix it, it won’t stay fixed. And I have Spanish homework that I’ve been putting off for a week, even though I swore I wasn’t going to do that, and it’s due tonight, and I’d rather sit around talking about Drag Race all day.

    I agree that grey days don’t get enough credit. I think they’re necessary because they give us permission to take some down time. Not that I need permission for that. Most of my life is down time. Grey days sometimes make me cranky, but they can also inspire me to bake or cook something delicious and comforting – shortbread, brownies, pasta e fagioli, a nice stew.

    It’s actually a beautiful, sunny day here in Durham, NC. I kind of wish we were having a grey day. I’d have a better excuse for my mood.

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