RPDR S4,E6: Float Your Boat-Untucking At Sea

Thanks to the Miss Things in the Comments Section for practically writing this post for me. Their astute observations are right on the money. So, of course, I’ll be stealing liberally from them.

“Put It Out There On The Runway Every Single Time”–Willam

So this episode started with the dolls throwing Jiggly under the rudder. Although the Queen doesn’t know if you can call it that. Usually “throwing under the bus” is a conscious form of sabotage. I don’t know if you can consider it sabotage if the queens are really just giving their opinion. And especially when the opinion was glaringly obvious. The float was the worst one on the stage.And Jiggly, once more, was unable to look at herself objectively and maturely. Willam to the rescue. “You have to give the whole show every time. You don’t save any tricks for later.” For the Queen, the blatant immaturity of dolls like Jiggly and Phi Phi shows itself in their inability to hear sage advice. Willam is constantly giving tips for which he could charge money. But these girls just don’t get it.

“Milan just doesn’t have a sense of who she is as a drag queen.”–occasionalblonde

Another piece of constructive criticism Willam put out was for Miss Milan, who like the aforementioned immature lady boys was not able to see the writing on the wall. She just doesn’t get it. As occasionalblonde goes on to say in one of her posts: “To use an grossly overused quotation ‘there’s no there there’.” Milan just doesn’t get the fact that the people she admires are innovators. She is not. And doing poor imitations of them only highlights their talent and her lack thereof. DON’T compare yourself to Kevin, dear. The only thing you have in common with Kevin is your penis.

“Dida Is A Girly Girl”–Dida Ritz

As the queen has said previously, he thinks this doll has potential. She has grown tremendously and continues to transform her look. Now she needs to work on that attitude. Dida, girly girls don’t win RuPaul’s Drag Race. They might get more dollars at Tea Dances, but they don’t win this competition. There are lots of pretty drag queens out there. But there are NOT a lot who are the total package of Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. AND who are Somebodies who are about Something and Prance. And they pay attention to the detail of their drag. God bless Willam for his snarky, and accurate comments.

One Girl, Eight Queens

There have been a number of good judges on Drag Race, some are good because they know drag queens, some are good because they know the world of entertainment. Rarely do you get celebrity judges who know both. This little bullet-crowned Diva had it all. What a treat it was to have her interface with the lady boys. I’d like to say that I wish they would do this segment every week, but it takes a moderator who gets those two things in order to make it work.

Let’s talk about her visit…

In the next post.

I’m such a dramatic bitch.


7 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E6: Float Your Boat-Untucking At Sea

  1. My wife had to talk me down after Milan referenced The House of Aviance and herself in the same damn sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I like Milan (there’s an intuitive compassion there) but that was comparing apples with raisins.

    Some things you just don’t do. 😉

  2. Holy cats! That is some magnificently hardcore drag. Kevin Aviance is sexy, vibrant, charismatic, and fabulous. God bless Milan, but girl has a long ass road to travel before she can even think of serving what Aviance is serving up. I give her credit for having a goal, though.

    Jiggly gets more clueless every week, I swear to the Goddesses of Drag. I think she really wants to learn, but she doesn’t even know where to start. I truly believe she’s doing the best she can. But she’s an all around mess. I don’t even know how she got on the show. She needs at least a couple more years before she’s even kind of ready for a competition like Drag Race.

    Scotty, seeing as how I can barely get it together to get my other writing done (i.e. keeping up with my blogs, working on a memoir, and finishing/submitting a piece that could qualify me to attend a week long writing seminar in Oregon this summer), I was thrilled and surprised that you featured a couple of my comments in your post. Thank you.

  3. Dita, I swear, the type of fish you’re serving is WALMART FISH. This week was epic bargain bin blue light special realness.

    • You know, I’ve been wondering about Dita’s wardrobe. Women’s clothing can be expensive and along with the accoutrements of drag, even moreso. I’m wondering if it’s a simple case of buying what she can afford?

      • I wonder that too. I think one of her problems (in addition to her inattention to detail) is simply that she’s a young queen who doesn’t have much money. I always wonder what would have happened in Season 2, if Mystique would have simply said “I don’t have a lot of money for clothes–so I have to repeat stuff sometimes.” It would have been so much more dignified than her incredibly unimaginative explanations.

      • I’m sure that’s it, and I think it’s been a problem for a lot of the queens throughout the show. Scotty’s right that Dida doesn’t always pay attention to detail (that t-shirt was a pretty big detail, no matter how cute it was), but, even if you can catch the sales, women’s clothes can cost you. Two words: thrift stores.

      • ALL of the top class queens from the previous seasons have been top class seamstresses. The first episode has always been an outfit crafting challenge, and the people who can’t sew usually hit the bottom 2.

        Going into Drag Race without any sewing skills seems crazy! Season 1? Sure, who knew what to expect. Season 2, maybe. But Season 3 and onward when judges were rightfully reading Queens who didn’t even hem their skirts!?

        I hope Dida takes a few pages from Tyra Sanchez’s playbook:
        1-If you can’t buy a classy outfit, MAKE IT.
        2-If you can’t buy a big enough wig, MAKE IT.

        RuPaul is the ultimate rags to riches drag queen. Dida, you can do it!

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