Sunday Brunch with a Fierce Black Queen

Photo by Lil Nickelson

Ah, you beautiful Miss Things!

We’ve all had a busy week. Hopefully things in your life are going the way you’d like them to. Let’s pamper ourselves with a sumptuous Sunday Brunch. I got us a couple of tables at Sylvia’s up on Lenox (had to almost cut a bitch to get them…but that’s neither here nor there) in Harlem. I’ve ordered the Mimosas. Try the Catfish and Eggs, or the Chicken and Waffles–they are DIVINE.

Today, the only thing heavy around here is the food. Let’s dig in!

Hey Rick! What Part of Psalms 75:7 Don’t You Understand?

Couldn’t resist. Thanks to Gillian, Harry and Joelle for the idea. Thanks also to Carl H. Bloch for his compelling painting “Sermon On The Mount.”

Pictorial Drag

RuPaul Logo by the fabulous Chad Sell

If you haven’t done so already, you have GOT to check out the incredible artwork of Mr. Chad Sell. Like Sharon Needles and Chad Michaels, this phenomenal artist captures the essence of a character with specificity and charm. When you scroll through his work, you know immediately that you are in the presence of a gifted cognoscente.

What Makes A Guy Sexy?

I wrote this in a post on my other blog about two years ago, but it’s no less true today. I thought I’d share.


I am in Starbucks on East-West Highway in Hyattsville, MD. I’ve been sitting behind a beefy brother with a broad back; to-die-for love handles and belly, and a killer goatee. I’ve been crushing on him all morning. He just got up to leave and I saw something that sent me over the edge: he has pictures of what I believe to be his kids as wallpaper on his laptop. It made me want to finally record all of the unconventional things that make a man sexy to me:

A father having fun with his kids.

A man reading a book.

A man who puts back the shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot.

A man who knows what looks good on him–even if it’s an orange leisure suit.

A man who isn’t afraid to hold hands in public.

A man trying to hold back emotion but not…quite…succeeding.

A handsome, thick guy with a nice belly.

A brother who isn’t afraid to SMILE.

A greying brother with earrings.

ANY man who finds me attractive.

What about you Miss Things? What unconventional things do YOU find attractive in a man or woman?

Whew! I am full. Time for a nap. Talk to y’all later.

Oh, and I got the check.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch with a Fierce Black Queen

  1. Extremists always think God is on their side when by definition He has to either be on everyone’s side or no ones depending one the issue.

    Scotty you may have gone a step too far with that orange ensemble. I still like a gentleman in a classic well cut suit. The pictures of my date for my junior prom in 1976 still make me cringe. Powder blue tux with the ruffled shirt. I was dressed out of some bad Victorian melodrama. High collar, muffin sleeves, off white cotton lace. The seventies, great decade for social and scientific advancement; bad decade for fashion. No matter what Rachel Zoe tries to tell us.

    I’ll have a Bellini and and an order of French Toast with ham on the side. Let’s set and people watch for awhile. Then we can organize our Rush Limbaugh boycott because obviously there is still work to do, people.

    • Since we’re up here in Harlem, we’ve got the best chance of seeing a few dudes in a Steve Harvey Collection ensemble when church lets out. Usually it’s men over 40 who are known around their neighborhoods for being dapper & well-groomed. It takes a bit of brazen, peacock-like confidence to pull one off. They are definitely not for me. But, like RuPaul in his Drag Race suits, I find it sexy as hell when the right man struts his plumage.

      FABULOUS menu choice!

  2. Rush Limbaugh is a misogynist with a big mouth, and every Republican who allowed his hate speech to go unchecked is a terrible person. As a registered Republican, I have never in my life been so ashamed.

    Happy thoughts time!

    I am completely obsessed with love handles on an otherwise in shape guy. My man currently works construction so he’s in pretty awesome shape, but he has these tiny love handles I just want to nibble on. (I think he would murder me if he saw this.)

    I also love:
    -Men in glasses
    -Men with grey sideburns,
    -Men who are indifferent about sports (having been married to a man obsessed with sports to the point of ignoring me and being in a bad mood for at least 48 hours after his team lost, guys in jerseys outside of an actual sporting event are a turn off)
    -Also, nothing is sexier than seeing a guy in a bookstore, completely immersed in a book that you wouldn’t expect him to be. IE, I once saw a guy in Barnes and Noble. Jeans, blue button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, converse sneakers… reading “What to expect when you’re expecting.” I eyeballed him (discreetly) for about 10 minutes, then his 6ish month pregnant lady came up and asked him if he was ready to go. SO. CUTE.

    As far as brunch goes, I used to live in Phoenix, AZ and there was a place called LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles and they were insanely good, so I think I’ll have those. And 1 or 7 mimosas.

    *Also, I finally found you again from TLo, someone mentioned your blog name in a comment and I was so excited! I’ve missed your thoughts! I don’t follow Project Runway really (no cable) but I lurv your posts on RPDR.


    • Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

      Great menu choice! I’ll make sure they keep the mimosas coming.

      Regarding Limbaugh: Please don’t be ashamed. Any mature, progressive adult knows that his vitriol and rhetorical tactics are hardly representative of the average Republican.

      Your additions to the “…sexy” list had my heart pounding. I SO concur!

      I miss hanging out with the commentariat over at T&Lo. I’m glad you found the blog. 🙂

  3. I’ll have the chicken and waffles and a mimosa.

    I like men who aren’t afraid to go bald when they lose their hair–nothing is sadder than a comb over. I also like graying hair (not so much for me though).

    I like men who like animals, and are kind to waitstaff and their mommas.

    And a man who can make me laugh? I married his ass!

    • Yes on a man who is sweet to his mom. I always find that very attractive. Likewise his grandparents, elderly aunt, older neighbor, etc.

  4. Thanks for brunch! Next time I’m in NYC (it can’t come soon enough) I’ll have to check out Sylvia’s. It looks great.

    I have visited Chad Sell’s site on your recommendation. I love his RPDR drawings, and looking them over, it seems as though the recent ones are getting even better. That one of Latrice as Large Marge is hilarious.

    I also checked out Vreeland, the strip about his grandparents. I clicked through every frame all in one sitting, and I had tears welling up through much of it. There is so much truth there. Anyone who has seen their parents or grandparents go into the decline of old age will relate. And the drawings are wonderful–simple and straightforward, yet they convey every emotion in a subtle, effective way. Plus, the style fits the midwestern setting perfectly.

    I laughed at “Any man who finds me attractive” because it’s so true for me, too. What else? I don’t know, there definitely has to be something of a gentleness, a kindness about him. But one of the things I find the most attractive about a man is when he’s sexy in some way but doesn’t know it. You don’t come across it all that often, because most people have a pretty good idea of how attractive they are and why. And yes on a man reading a book!

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