RPDR S4,E5: The Snatch Game-Top & Bottom

When you were a kid, did you ever have a candy or other confection that you absolutely loved? Did you ever try the same sweet years later as an adult, and discover that it just didn’t taste the same now, as it did then?

Then you know how I’m beginning to feel about the Snatch Game Challenge.

Granted, there were still some stellar performances–but on the whole, most of the queens just don’t understand the challenge, or have the acting/comic chops to make their impersonations consistently interesting. In Season II, there were enough queens who were multi-faceted, old school stage performers. They had acts that consisted of more than just moving their mouths in time with the music, and it showed in their ability to be in the moment and quick-witted with their answers and characteristics (the Queen will go to his grave thinking Pandora was robbed). Like the show that this challenge pays homage to, there needs to be a self-aware cheesy kind of camp to make it work. Season three–and now this one–failed to deliver on the promise of the first fabulous parody.

So the drama continues between Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara. Yours Truly is so over Phi Phi the pageant queen–who is delusional enough to think that winning a few mini-challenges makes her the shit. Yes Miss O’Hara, I’m sure America’s Next Drag Superstar is going to be asked to hold an egg between her legs every day of her reign. I have always held the belief that if you’re going to be a pompous bitch–at least have the goods to back up your pomposity. She does not. Has she even been in the top three yet?

So it’s Condragulations to Chad Michaels.

Was there ever any question? I mean Ross the Intern had a great point about the risk of bombing at something that you’re known for, but all edited clips aside, she really is a professional. Her disciplined approach to the challenge is textbook flawless. But more important than the uncanny resemblance to her Goddess…she was ENTERTAINING. Funny and tongue-in-cheek satirical, she’s the kind of performer that you would actually pay to see. And other than having cosmetic surgeons (oh, and Miss Dida? THAT’S the way you spell “surgeon”) on speed dial, she seems charmingly genuine. Sharon Needles was brilliant, and Willam was wonderful (more of them and the rest of the divas in the next couple of posts), but Chad had me with “I’m Cher bitch!”

And it’s Sashay to Kenya Michaels.

Pushing the miniature Mean Girl stuff aside, she really is a little spitfire. And in her own country and culture I think she could have easily been a contender for the win. However I’m even more convinced than ever that the present version of RPDR is an American phenomenon. Like many of us Fierce Black Queens, RuPaul is heavily influenced by Pop Culture. Not having similar references makes shining in the present format almost impossible. Separated by youth and language/culture, I’d bet my next paycheck that Kenya didn’t have a clue to the shows Ru rattled off in the mini-challenge video this week. Her admitting that the language barrier had her dreading each day’s taping was poignant and revealing. The Queen just wishes that she had asked for more help, instead of letting her pride get in the way and creating that horrific version of Beyonce.

But this little Latin lovely isn’t done with America yet. I’m pretty sure we’ll see her taking Yara Sofia’s place in next year’s Absolut commercials.

Okay, are you ready to bash my face in for the shade I pay Phi Phi O’Hara, or love I give to Willam and Sharon Needles? Let the Queen have it!


11 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E5: The Snatch Game-Top & Bottom

  1. You just knew that when Ru tried to warn Phi-Phi about how challenging Gaga would be, and Phi got all defensive and went on about how she was “known” for her Gaga, that it would be bad, and it was really, really bad. Pure put on a cheap Halloween shop Gaga costume, yellow wig and muppet suit, and that’s about it. Didn’t capture her voice, accent, loopier assertions, emotionalism, fierce Italian loyalty towards la famiglia, even her kinda endearing awkwardness. She would have been better off doing what SNL did a few weeks ago, depict Gaga as Christmas tree with vaguely outlined eyes and mouth, saying nothing, and just standing in a “performance art” kind of way.

    But I was really disappointed in Latrice, who had such a good and very funny start on Aretha, until she just gave up based on her annoyance with the front row. Good God Get A Grip, Girl is right, Latrice. Professionalism is NOT saying, “Oh, I’m so over this competition” in the middle of a performance, or letting yourself get derailed so easily by the antics of others. What happened to “The Show Must Go On!”?

      • Thanks to whoever clued me into the FBQ. This is the best blog I have seen in ages. Hugs to you for your fierceness, you vibe great even through cyberspace, ScottyF.

      • Yeah, Mefein1, I noticed how you slipped that in! I wondered how many of us contemplated picking up on it in a reply, and decided to take the high road.

      • Hi formallyamom! Yeah, and that’s fine. I truly wasn’t looking to start trouble over there, but just form a bit of public service…I was sure people still miss Scotty and would love to know what he was up to, and of course I’m thrilled to see people took the hint and found their way. I’ve been trying to find a way to slip it in nonchalantly for awhile without just stirring an old pot, and the opportunity presented itself because I really WAS repeating a comment there I had just made here. (Honest. I’m not acting!) Hey, maybe we all can slip in an “As Scotty was saying….” now and again. It’s quite rewarding. I feel like I’ve accomplished something!

  2. “ready to bash my face in for the shade I pay Phi Phi O’Hara, or love I give to Willam and Sharon Needles?”

    I’m just thrilled you share my enthusiasm for Ms. Pandora Boxx, my favorite from her season.

    Also, I enjoy your analyses of the performers – primarily because I know little about drag, I just enjoy the skilled exuberance of it – but also because your awareness of the craft of live performance brings something not everyone who blogs this show seems to have.

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog, I loved your comments on TLo last season!

    Oh, Sharon nailed Phi Phi with that “tired ass showgirl” line last week. It’s the truth. Miss Phi2’s ass cannot cash the checks her big mouth has written. I’ll be very glad when she sashays AWAY.

  4. I haven’t been able to watch yet (site maintenance all…day…and…all…night??), but absolutely agree with the Willam and Sharon love and the Phi Phi shade. She and Milan are just awful.

  5. Thanks to mefein1 for slipping in the on Scotty’s site thing at TLo. I’ve been missing his input and wise cracks on a number of posts. Throw all the shade you want at Phi Phi, cause she has not stepped up her game enough to back up a thing. Chad was blatantly best of the night, and Kenya deserve to sashay, but I probably would have sent Milan home. She’s been in the bottom before and doesn’t have the excuse of a language barrier to explain how horrendous that Diana Ross was.

    p.s. Scotty, thank you so much for existing and having this blog. It matters a lot to me to hear the voice of someone who I could grow up to be.

  6. Chet F

    “Scotty, thank you so much for existing and having this blog. It matters a lot to me to hear the voice of someone who I could grow up to be.”

    Wow, what an incredibly sincere and wonderful compliment – it makes me unbelievably proud to be the brother of the “Fierce Black Queen” – – and one who admires, and respects and loves you very much.

    Unfortunately, I cannot get the show where I am – in Japan, but being able to live the show through your eyes and expertise – – it’s almost like I’m in front of the TV – – – and I’m loving it. Chris B said it nicely – – -and I add – – it matters a lot to me to hear the voice of someone who I have watched grow up to “be”. So proud of you!!!

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