RPDR S4,E3: Glamzons vs. Champions-Untucking with the Lady Boys

Let’s join the gang in the Interior Illusions Lounge…

So the girls toast each other for being safe. Don’t they know that being in the middle group on a reality show competition is tantamount to being in a red uniform on the Away Team in a Star Trek episode? You are the FIRST to get picked off.

Not a Clue

First of all, I have to say it again: it is uncanny to me how much Phi Phi looks like Phyllis Hyman. Too bad she doesn’t have the late diva’s style and grace. I have to give her props because she did have one of the best characters in the bunch. It was fully realized and fun. However she cannot edit herself. And the fact that she’s too self absorbed to see or learn anything from Sharon Needle’s artistry, makes her downright stupid in my book. Willam, as usual, is spot on in his analysis. There were times when his accent made it difficult for PhiPhi’s character to be understood. If she could get over her hyper-sensitivity and super ego (which sometimes results in shockingly cruel behavior), she could do well in the competition. If not, the bitch’s hubris is going to take her down faster than you can say Oedipus Rex.

Cutting off Willie to spite your Balls

I don’t know if the producers told Milan to step up the drama, or if it’s a part of her strategy. Whichever it was, it didn’t work for me. The Queen is pretty good at knowing when he is being manipulated by a contestant edit. I’m sure we missed pieces of what happened during Ru’s workroom visit to Team Glamazon, but it also seemed pretty obvious that Milan was a huge voice in the preparation of the challenge. The “language barrier” thing was a poor justification for dominating the creative process. And her performance in the Illusions Lounge felt staged and out of left field.

Willam has painted himself into a corner as far as positive regard from the queens is concerned. But those other divas need to learn to listen to that beeotch. There’s a reason he gets a lion’s share of the confessionals and “play-by-play” analysis. He’s articulate, gets the soundbite, and is often right on target. And Milan sweetie, Willam is GOING to get the last line. “Is the carpet comfortable?” I was on the floor myself with THAT little epigram!

Muchachas malas: the Two Faces of Kenya

And who knew the little Latin lady boy was a Mean Girl? In the confessional Kenya was very clear about the reason she didn’t choose Madame LaQueer: she doesn’t like her. Bianca thinks it’s because Madame doesn’t fit into her standards of beauty. That’s cool. But don’t backtrack in front of everyone else. All that bull crap about English comprehension was a cowardly way of the Puerto Rican perra distancing herself from someone she doesn’t think will help her win this race.

Everybody Cry Now

A moving segment. But I gotta tell you: I just realized that Jiggly was 30 years old…30 YEARS OLD. All this time I had it in my mind that we were dealing with a kid in his early twenties. There is a sort of arrested development in play here–an immaturity and a naivete that all of the fraternal and maternal wisdom of Latrice Royale won’t be able to counteract. And while I’m at it: What was all this shit from Phi Phi O’Hara about “I’m gonna show people that, you know what? I’m beautiful. You’re beautiful. Everybody’s beautiful, and they just have to accept it.” Maybe she’ll think about that the next time she is trashing a contestant and whining about how she should’ve won a challenge.

How about y’all? How are you all liking Untucked this season? Who is standing out for you? How do you feel about the way the producers/directors are “telling the story?”


2 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E3: Glamzons vs. Champions-Untucking with the Lady Boys

  1. You’re doing a great job Scotty with the analysis. Too bad, I caught the mother of all colds 3 days ago. I’ve been trying to catch up with the backlog of shows but this is really NOT the show to watch with a high fever and sundry other symptoms. I found myself wondering if I was hallucinating and decided I better wait until I can concentrate for more than 10 sec. When the closed captioning looks like gibberish and the people look like a high school production of Star Trek: The Drowned Generation I figured the fault lies with me. Ru Paul has always had higher standards that that.

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