RPDR S4,E3: Glamzons vs. Champions-Top & Bottom

Before we get started trashing thoughtfully critiquing the bitches, the Queen wanted to bring up an observation that Bianca and I have made over the past three episodes of this season, during our weekly RuPaul Skyping sessions.

This damn show has actually gotten better.

I haven’t bothered had the time to check and see whether it employs the same producers and directors as in past seasons; but the show has become the very thing I hoped it would be when I first started tuning in. It has become a true window into a world that most never see–and many incorrectly characterize. It has found a balance between campy and compassion, bitchy and benevolent. Bianca swears Ru was sick during most of last season, and I definitely noticed a difference in his demeanor. He seemed disconnected somehow from the proceedings. However this season the Cover Girl of the World is back. He is engaged, funny and a true mentor.

This bitch had the best seat in the house

The mini-challenge was phenomenal. Not only was meeting Piyah Martell a poignant and powerful moment, but the accompanying competition made so much sense. I did find myself screaming at the television because none of those wenches asked Piyah–the CLIENT–what her favorite colors were, or what kind of designs she might like. But it’s segments like these which highlight the diversity and strength of the LBGTQ community, and make me proud to call myself a raging queen.

However, for the Queen, the main challenge fell flat.

In addition to the camp crassness of whoring RuPaul products (but if Barbara Walters can do it with her book Audition on The View, why shouldn’t he?), the performances on the whole felt forced and not at all fun or funny.

We’ll get the individual performances in the next post, but for the Queen, the challenge was pretty much a let-down.

So once again, it is Condragulations to Sharon Needles

Raja: I know you’re reading my blog–all the fierce divas do. Pay attention to Ms. Needles, will you dear? THIS is how you do Alternative Drag. Not to take away from you–you have an artistry that is truly unique. But I never felt like you put your SOUL into your schtick like Sharon does. She’s fierce not just because she is impeccable in her costuming and makeup (although I see Santino’s point about the bottom half of her runway look), but she infuses passion and energy into everything she does. She is Somebody. She is About something. And she Prances. Bra-fucking-vo.

And it’s The Princess who Sashays away.

Seems like a very sweet person. And I admire his ability to stay calm in a storm. But honey, this was not the competition for him. His inability to step back and look at himself objectively in the context of the needs of the game cost him dearly. I see elegance, glamour and talent in his drag and his LSFYL. But Dida Ritz mopped him across the floor, wrung him out, and mopped up the floor again (more on that in the next DR post). If he hasn’t found one yet, I hope he finds a boyfriend who has that “Meth-look” and whom appreciates his quiet dignity. But it was time for The Princess to abdicate.


10 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E3: Glamzons vs. Champions-Top & Bottom

  1. Ooh, I’ve got this AND “Untucked” on my DVR, ready for my next bout of insomnia. So glad to see Sharon won!

    If you don’t see too much of me in the days ahead, I’m still around, but I’m taking on an insane amount of work for a while, digging out of a bit of a hole. Think of me as lip synching for my life, in my best Donna Summer drag. But I’m still gonna check in every day, so keep up the good work!

  2. Agreed! Some randoms:

    -I, too, think The Princess was sweet and elegant…but just didn’t have enough “out there” personality (and least from what we were shown) to stay above water. There were certainly others I would have preferred leave before her, though.

    -One of the things I like most about Sharon is the fact that she seems *extremely* intelligent.

    -Dida’s lip synch shocked me. Who knew she had that in her? Wow.

    -And…I really want Latrice to adopt me.

  3. Okay. You win. I’m going to have to find this show and catch up so I can understand all the nuances of your posts. I hope Ru Paul is suitably appreciative of your efforts.

  4. I think Sharon is fabulous. After the ‘go do your goth thing’ throwaway from Phi Phi the poodle, I was so glad to see the win go to Sharon. Sad to see the Princess go, I too would have preferred some of the others leave first, but she wasn’t going to last much longer anyway I don’t think. She didn’t seem cut out for the twists and turns of Ru’s game.

    Thanks for your thoroughly entertaining post!

  5. Great Re-Cap. I have to say your commentary is spot on! The infomercials felt forced,
    Sharon was hilarious though. Its funny that a LOT of the other girls don’t get it. We went to school in London, and you get a LOT more of that Character Drag over there, its not
    about looking like a pageant queen, or passing as a woman. It’s about developing an
    over the top Character, and Living in that character. I can’t wait to see next weeks
    episode. Rooting for Sharon (of course) LOVING Latrice Royal! (GO MIAMI!) &
    thought Chad Michaels really impressed with that top to floor gold number.

    Still have some questions about Kenya…… In the words of the great Shangela
    Laquifa Wadley – “Is this Ru Pauls Next DRAG Super Star, or is this Ru Pauls Next
    Tranny Superstar?”

    Loving the blog, will be back for next weeks installment! Sending much love and
    good vibes from Miami! 924COLLECTIVE x http://wp.me/AJ5G

  6. Oh, I know Princess was proud of not wearing a wig because he was going for kind of an edgy, gender-fuck look, but, wow, I bet he wanted to run and put one on when it turned out he would have to lip synch. Not that I think it would have helped since Dida absolutely owned it, but that shiny, white bald head next to Dida’s sassy bob just sealed his fate. Now, maybe if they had been lip-synching to Marilyn Manson….

  7. I totally agree. I’ve watched every episode so far across all four seasons, including untucked. I enjoyed Raja last year, but there was something disconnected about her and the fact that silly Boogers/Heathers scenario dominated last year was just plain hideous. Aren’t we all above bullying and against it? That was painful and disturbing.

    I’ve worked with drag queens in Australia for the last 15 years and know what makes a good drag and great entertainment. I’m seeing it in this season, as we did in season 2. The bar is really raised this year and so are the stakes.

    I adore Sharon – her artistry is clever, intelligent and original. Latrice is just one big sack of sugar! She’s adorable I want to take her home with me and open her up and sprinkle her all ove the world! Chad Michaels is a great talent and mentor for the other queens too. I’ve noticed Sharon tends to initiate the Untucked discussions in a positive manner, as does Latrice – 10 points to both queens and for doing it in a constructive supportive way. Kenya Michaels is fierce, but I did not like the side of her I saw this week, good on the editors for showing it – I hope Madame La Queer is wise up to her and pulls her up on it. Kenya could be the lady if she wasn’t so shady.

    As annoying as Jiggly was initially – she is growing on me and growing as a person. I’ve also recently lost my mother and seeing Latrice and Jiggly discuss and accept the issue is a positive thing and people should be taking notes for when their time comes on dealing with the loss of their own mothers. It’s possibly the most confronting emotion one can ever endure. Ten points to Jiggly for letting it all out on television and bonus points to Latrice for picking her up off the floor rather than sweeping her under the carpet.

    The Pricesses departure was untimely, but the critique was fair and Dida did nail it! Nice to see non violent lip synching this year. The WTF episode was pure genius and I hope Ru does spin it off. It old be far more entertaining than Drag U- which I couldn’t even persevere through the last season of by the way. Madame LaQueer rose above all her fears, thanks to the support of a great team. Kenya and Latrice were just brilliant together too.

    Yes there is shameless promotion of RuPaul’s product, but hey, it’s all in good fun, sadly just a few queens didn’t quite get the punch line and took it a bit too far the other way. Oh well, not all jokes get executed the same way by performers. In my opinion with the albums, you can only polish a turd so much before you have no choice to flog the dead horse. Both albums don’t hold a candle to his first run of hits, but kudos for trying Ru.

    I’m on the edge of my seat for this season and enjoying the episodes, so much so, that we watch them a second time in the house and are revisiting season 2. All there is left to do now is wait for each week and see who Sashays, who Shantays, who has the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent and who fucks it up.

    My final three: Sharon Needles, Chad Michaels and Latrice Royale. If previous seasons are to go by – Latrice will win (the queen who entered the meet n greet episode last in previous years was the winner – every season!) I think it’s going to be a great race this year and definitely a photo finish. I’m putting all my chips on Sharon Needles.

  8. Bitch please.You don’t even realize what you said. SCHTICK. Yes Sharon Needles does schtick. Raja doesn’t do SCHTICK. She is one and the same as Sutan Amrull. A unique being who lives and breathes what some would call the third gender. As long as Sharon Needles thinks a drag queen needs to “change their voice” she will never be the future of drag. She’s nothing more than a “performer”. Raja, OTOH, cleans house alone sometimes in a skirt. You are not a raging queen, you don’t even understand what you’re watching. BTW in what universe is Sharon Needles “impeccable”? LMAO

  9. Never thought The Princess had the personality that Sharon Needles has. Sharon is doing her thing and staying true to who she is- cant beat that!

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