RPDR S4,E2: ”WTF! Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters”-Battling Beeotches

There is an ongoing debate between Bianca and myself regarding the culture of Drag–specifically Balls and Pageants.

The Queen tends to see them as mysogynistic at their core. In my opinion, the objectification of females is rampant–breaking down the definition of a woman into transitory, superficial and cosmetic ideas and characteristics. During my very limited time observing the Ball scene, it was a shock to recognize that being a gay man did not necessarily make you a progressive feminist.

Bianca, however, understandably sees the culture differently. Being a part of the circuit, he got to see things that I wasn’t privy to. He talks of a world which, while having aspects of what we have seen in the past on Drag Race, bears much more of a resemblance to what we are seeing this season. Like the best moments of last week’s Untucked, it is a world where another Queen may read you for filth one second, and help you with your make-up the next.

One of the pleasures of watching this episode was seeing many of the elements that Bianca cherishes play out. As Sharon Needles so eloquently put it: “We’re selfish vain creatures of beauty and isn’t bizarre how we make the best friends in the world!”

I am in love with the older Queens. They make me proud to be a Middle-Aged Queer. The way they mentor and support their younger counterparts is something the world needs to see more of. THIS is also family Mr. Santorum. This is what happens in the gay community when parents with “family values” throw their sons and daughters out into the cold world. Hopefully they are befriended by Mature Mamas like Chad and Latrice.

So much to say on this subject! But for now, why don’t we just run down a few of the contestants in rapid fire succession:

Kenya Michaels-This little beeotch has the fabulous Billy B eating right out of her hand. I don’t see her as the one to beat, but I DEFINITELY see her as one of the most professional and beautiful queens this season. And girlfriend flies under the radar–VERY important in this competition.

Sharon Needles-THIS diva is TURNING IT OUT. Bianca wanted to see her more conventional drag, and Lady B. was impressed. It is clear this is a true entertainer, who also seems to be a truly nice guy. What fun it is for the Queen to root for someone whose drag may not be his style; but whose caliber as an Artist is undeniable.

Jiggly Caliente-Okay. Is it just me, or does Jiggly look like JuJuBee after one too many two-piece and a biscuit meals? As has been the case thus far, Ru was spot on with her final comment to little Miss Thing. It is now time to see if she has something more to offer than just an imitation of a black girl from the ‘hood.

Dida Ritz-Have I mentioned that I love Billy B? Santino can stay on the road with Austin, as far as i’m concerned. His critique of Ms. Ritz was spot on. The Queen just sees a boy in a dress. And the fact that Ms. R DOESN’T, just makes his drag that much more painful to watch.

The Princess-I did have to disagree with Mr. B about The Princess’ look. It’s not my style, but I think he looked put-together and edgy. I just think he’s just a little too laid-back for this competition. When the best thing you can say about a Drag Queen is that “he seems nice”–you’re in trouble. He did however do a pretty good LSFYL, so we’ll see.

Latrice Royale-This big, beautiful beeotch has captured my heart. She reminds me of the Fierce Black Queens in DC that escorted Yours Truly from an insecure Princess, to the Diva you see before you today. She is regal and poised and and full of wit and wisdom that can only come from approaching a hard life with humor and resolve. Her presence in the Interior Illusions Lounge was some of the best television I’ve seen in a while–the kind of thing it is hard to fake. Bianca wishes she would tone down her makeup slightly, but still think she is one of the few queens who knows how to beat her face, and accentuate her dark complexion. Brava Diva. I think she could bring the big girls close to a win.

The rest of the girls? Meh. Their drag and their performances in the ring were okay, but as John Salley said about Dida, I really don’t remember any of them. That is NOT something you want to hear when you are in a competition that is all about being over-the-top and larger-than-life.

This week, unfortunately they weren’t somebodys, weren’t really about anything special. And. They. Didn’t. Prance.

What about y’all? Agree? Disagree with my assessments?


2 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E2: ”WTF! Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters”-Battling Beeotches

  1. First time posting :). I’ve always enjoyed your comments on TLo’s site, and have been reading your ‘musings’ here for a few days now. I’m looking forward to your comments this week on Dida Ritz during the LSFYL – it was the very first time I didn’t also see a boy in a dress – but actually thought WOW – Dida can perform. Now someone needs to help her with her makeup and hair – girl’s a bit of a mess.

    • Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! Thank you VERY much for commenting.

      Yes, Dida worked that performance! Now we get to see if she can sustain it. I hope to hear more of your thoughts on her and the other divas!

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