RPDR S4,E2: ”WTF! Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters”-Top and Bottom

Sorry for the deplorable lack of posts over the last few days. The Queen has been under the weather–sitting on his throne with a box of Kleenex and his ermine (faux, of course) bathrobe sneezing his black ass off. Please forgive! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so let’s get this party started!

Finally, judges as tall as Ru. WOOF!

Will wonders never cease?

When the Queen decided to blog on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season, he wasn’t really sure what he was getting into. Never having done anything like this before, he wondered if simply committing to watch all thirteen plus episodes would be enough to take any fun out of the show. After all, it was nice being able to quit Project Runway last season once Bert was out of the mix.

So what a surprise it has been to not only enjoy the first two episodes of Drag Race, but to actually begin to look forward to the next one.

So which of the contestants this week, to paraphrase Bianca: “Was Somebody, was about Something…and Pranced.”? Isn’t it a pleasure to have so many queens to choose from on that score?

So it’s Condragulations to Madame LaQueer and Chad Michaels!

Honestly, this was such a tough one to judge–which, imho, is a great thing. I actually spent the entire segment looking exactly like the judges: mouth open and squealing with delight. I thought the lady-boys did a phenomenal job for the most part. What a pleasure it was to be entertained by the contestants for reasons that had nothing to do with cat fighting or throwing shade, and EVERYTHING to do with talent and hard work! It was pretty obvious that Madame LaQueer was either getting the winner’s or the loser’s cut, so bravo bitches!

And it’s Sashay to Lashauwn Beyond.

Little Miss Thing really wasn’t ready for this. Not only was she green behind the ears when it came to creating her Drag (just watching her do her make-up next to a pro like Latrice showed her weakness), but she really had no clue of which way to go in playing the game. The neat thing about her is that she has an Old School aesthetic and real skill sets which will help her in the future. But first she needs to go home and get bitch-slapped by her Drag Mother for taking off her heels at the beginning of LSFYL. Hear that sound Lashauwn? It’s the death knell tolling for your time on RPDR. Good luck sweetie. Come on back next season and turn that show out!


6 thoughts on “RPDR S4,E2: ”WTF! Wrestling’s Trashiest Fighters”-Top and Bottom

    • Thank you so much for that! I can’t stand being sick, so I ignore it for so long that when my system can’t take it any more, it kicks my butt. On the mend now, though. I’m in awe that you’re still hanging out with me!

  1. Sorry you’re under the weather, Scotty! Wish I could send you some Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla tea…it’s such a comfort when I’m sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I, too, LOVE this season thus far. Well, with the exception of Jiggly’s emotional baggage and resulting fussiness. But Latrice and Sharon are amazing. I was undecided on Willam, until seeing his “The Vagina Song” video on youtube. I was won over, to put it lightly.

    • That tea sounds DIVINE! I’m going out right after work and find it! Sick or not, it sounds like a marvelous way to end the day. I fear I might get addicted.

      I have Willam’s Vagina Song bookmarked, but I haven’t looked at it yet. I too like Willam–and it’s not just because he posted on the blog. I think he’s a talented young man who knows how to play the game, and is good television. I just don’t think he brought it this week. Thanks for the heads-up about it!

      • Yeah, tell me about it…I *am* addicted. Just bought eight boxes.
        So if you can’t find any and would like to try it, I’d be happy to send you some…I’m all about care packages. 🙂

  2. Of course, we’re hanging in with you. Remember, most blogs start slow and take quite a while to build up a following. As talented as you are, soon we’ll all be bragging, “we knew you when”.

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