The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: Goodbye to Sistah Soundbite

Look at that face.

In his early twenties, the Queen had quite a scare when one of the only girls he ever dated seriously thought she was pregnant with his baby. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Anthony Williams was the secret offspring of that relationship.

Whether or not Miss Thing is the Queen’s love child is the topic for another discussion. The fact that we have to say goodbye to the Beeotch of Bon Mots, is the subject of this one.

It’s no secret that I give preferential treatment to the black people on the reality programming that I watch. If they dazzle me with their talent, then I will faithfully ride the emotional roller coaster with them–even though I know that %99 of the time, it will end in heartache. That’s IF they have talent. I’ve gotten over rooting for someone indefinitely simply because they happen to be black. And though Miss Williams has given me smiles and laughter from day 1, as I have stated in another post–I have never been a big fan of his aesthetic. So since All Stars is more about talent than personality (thank the Good Lord), I can’t say that I’m very broken up about his leaving. Besides, I get the strong feeling that he had no real interest in being there any more. He is a very smart man. He’s played the PR game before. He knows that adhering to the parameters of the challenge is paramount. The fact that he would send something to the runway with less than %50 of the fabric he adeptly retrieved from people, says to me that he wanted to go. Taking clues from his exit dialogue, it seems to me that he was using this appearance as a tool. This wasn’t a proving ground for his talents. In the bio section of his website, he says “Television introduced me to the world as a funny, southern, gay, black man that is sassy and full of entertaining one-liners. I am more than the image and personality that was projected through that reality show.” Unfortunately, I fear that that still remains his primary Brand. The Queen is very disappointed that Anthony didn’t step up his game on PRAS, however he joins the thousands of others that wish him MUCH success in his future endeavors. I sincerely hope he finds a satisfying place in which to showcase his sparkling personality and spirit.


4 thoughts on “The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: Goodbye to Sistah Soundbite

  1. I liked Anthony and I’m sorry to see him go. His design aesthetic was never going to make its way into my closet but he came across as a likable person. Since I have the irrational desire to push approx. 90% of all reality TV Personalitiies off a very high mountaintop that is saying something. positive about at least one of us.

    Having said that, why, oh God, why were Jerrell and Michael passed over this week?
    jerrell’s was incomprehensibly fugly albeit competently sewn while Michael’s was a wool swimsuit for the swinging granny in your life with the zipper sewed in backward. I actually took the time to pause the screen captures and enlarge them because I thought I had to be seeing things. I was 11 when my mother taught me how to put in a zipper, surely he has learned by now. I know we all questioned the sewing abilities of the Miss Trinidad but this is All Stars, show some pride in your work.

    Sigh, I’ll step off my soapbox now. I still have a lot of bitterness left over from Mondo being passed over for Gretchen Jones and her granny pantys and sloppy neo southwest Burning Man hippy whatever and then first Bert and then Victor used to promote The Sex Tape Beauty Queen with the publicist who can’t sew but seems to have every challenge tailored just for her. Man I need to stop being so invested in a TV show that I only watch when I’m working on something else.

    Maybe we should make politicians do this instead of primaries. I bet we’d find out more about their character and true qualifications than dealing with any more faux debates.

    • Other than the fact that he seems to have Rami’s eye, I really wasn’t into Anthony during All Stars. To be honest, when the cast was introduced I thought to myself: “Anthony is an All Star when it comes to personality, but not clothing design.” Being candid, I always thought that, in terms of design and execution, if Anthony could be on PR then so could I.

      As far as Michael and Jerell are concerned: the former is just too good as TV fodder to get rid of just yet, and…to tell you the truth…I just don’t get the latter’s appeal. I keep chalking Jerell’s style to what I would call a “youthful, edgy” aesthetic that I just don’t understand. But to be honest, it’s just plain unattractive to me. Michael seems to have a few silhouettes that he does very well, and that’s it. Still, he doesn’t bother me as much as he does a lot of people. Mondo is kind of my litmus test. The fact that he seems to be so fond of him is what gives Michael “street cred” in my book.

      That last idea is brilliant. If they haven’t already, someone should do a Real World or Project Runway spoof with the candidates. Hell, maybe I’LL try to do one!

  2. Was I the only one having a fleeting thought that Rami was fine with his ousting because it was no longer worth being there, with Anthony gone?

    • No, I felt the SAME THING! I’ve been trolling the internet trying to find out if there’s any gossip about them, but as yet to no avail. If you find out anything, PLEASE dish!

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