RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4: FBQ Countdown-Continued

The Queen has been so preoccupied these last few days, that he’s been shirking his Queenly duties: the throne hasn’t been Pledge’d and the scepter has a few cobwebs. Please forgive. However with the start of Drag Race drawing so near (this Monday), why don’t we continue counting down the bitches contestants?

DiDa Ritz

DiDa Ritz seems to have a nice personality. She’s articulate and bubbly without being nauseating. She still has that beauty pageant vibe–but I am a sucker for a realist: she acknowledges the fact that there are other talented people around. Still, as my friend and I were kee kee’ing about earlier today, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about her. It seems as if all of these girls think that simply being pretty is enough to start a mega career. Being pretty may get you in the door, but unless you have actual talent and a real media savvy, you’ll simply end up as an extra in the next John Waters movie.

Kenya Michaels

If Alexis Mateo and Yara Sofia have a love-child, it would be Kenya Michaels. I am in awe of the girls that come from Puerto Rico. It takes some major cojones (which they tuck very well) to compete in a contest that’s not in your native tongue. The divas from PR are usually smart and talented. Unfortunately there is often a slight disconnect between the queens and American Culture which hurts them in using their smarts to make the best choices during challenges. Often I fear that they are trying too hard to be “American” instead of capitalizing on their unique Puerto Rican sensibilities. Instead of looking to artists like the gorgeous Columbian, Sofia Vergara, and playing to their accent and heritage, they try to blend in.

Lashauwn Beyond

From the way Lashuawn Beyond comes off in her video, she seems like someone the Queen would like to have over for tea. Get your minds out of the gutter, Miss Things. I mean actual TEA. Smart, poised and down to earth. Possibly a little bit too down to earth. I wonder if she’s going to be ready for the cutthroat world of Drag Race. One has to be slightly nuts to put themselves out there for this kind of televised competition. I wonder if Ms. Beyond will be up to that particular type of challenge?


This bitch might just be a contender. She’s an actor, so there’s already a strong sense of how to bring out personality and play to the camera in a much more natural way. She’s comfortable in the spotlight and it actually feels as if she’s talking instead of “performing.” She’s media savvy enough to have an easily remembered name that rolls off of your tongue; and she knows her body and takes fierce picture. But I’m wondering if like Shangela–another actor–she’ll get tired of “playing” a Drag Queen, and simply use RPDR as a means to getting mainstream television work? It will be interesting to see how smart she is in playing the game.

Alisa Summers

I’m getting a real Tatianna vibe from this one. He seems to be a boy in a dress. A very pretty boy, but a boy nevertheless. Too much talk about his “beauty.” Once again a lady boy that doesn’t seem to understand that with a pair of false eyelashes, some spackle and a good make-up coach almost ANY dude can be beautiful. There’s a very “butch queen” energy about him that could make for some aggressive testosterone-filled moments in the work room. But, that said, there is still something engaging about his candor and infectious exuberance. He is definitely giving body. Hope he makes enough to get his laptop fixed.

I’ll get to the rest of these men in high-heels tomorrow. Will you be watching on Monday?


9 thoughts on “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4: FBQ Countdown-Continued

  1. The DVR is set! Looking forward to your take on it all. I’ve been trying to find another opportunity to promote you over “there,” but I seem to be on thin ice and getting several of my comments deleted, including yesterday when I could have sworn I was backing up their point. But they seemed particularly in a touchy mood yesterday — I guess it’s what we’d call queens on the rag!

    It would sure be interesting to know what else has been deleted. I’m all for blog owners being liberal with the delete button in the interests of maintaining civil discourse and not letting things devolve into some crazy Wild West free-for-all like so much of the Internet. And I’m sure sooner or later every blogger struggles with where to draw the line between civil discourse and something all too Eastern bloc in the little communities they rule. But maybe when a blog has become more steppingstone than community, it’s less troubling to make that choice!

    Mary Ellen

    • I think your last sentence (stepping stone vs community) hits the nail right on the head in regard to what has evolved over there. Too bad, but also good to know, so we can choose whether or not to continue to participate.

      It got to the point that I was simply skimming for Scotty’s comments, anyway. So it’s nice to be able to just stop in here, to see what he has to say/share, instead.

      • You know, I saw one of their posts on HuffPo (yes, they’re HuffPo columnists now) and my jaw almost hit the floor when I saw their interactions in the comments section. Words like, “We agree,” and “But don’t you think that….not that we don’t agree that….” Who WERE these guys? And really, I don’t begrudge them using the blog as a stepping stone. Anyone who can start off at their kitchen table with their laptop and make something so successful, God bless ’em. Just will never get the hostility towards what after all is their fan base.

    • Y’all do more for this dude’s self-esteem than all of my years of therapy combined.

      In regards to Tom & Lorenzo, if I may be so presumptuous I’d like to share my personal philosophy about their blog’s place in my life at this point:

      I’ve been using the tag cloud at the bottom of this blog to let me know what topics have either consciously or unconsciously surfaced in my mind. Over the course of this month, their names went from the very top strata of tags, to hovering somewhere just above Michelle Bachmann. I go over there now to see what you guys are posting, and read their take on Project Runway All Stars. That’s about it. I feel none of the anxiety, frustration or anger that I felt soon after I stopped posting regularly. I was actually thinking about starting to post again, because it is so not about them any more, but about getting the most out of what they created. I will admit that what stops me from chiming in is the fact that there seems to be a loss of the vibrant dialogue that drew me in before. Sad. But it does help re-iterate the Constant that nothing lasts forever.

      As far as promoting the blog is concerned: I suffer from a deplorable lack of ambition. It’s something that I am really working on. I have to admit that I like the intimacy of the community that is beginning to form here. Until I get my sea legs and truly define my voice and point of view, I feel supremely blessed and humbled by the fact that you, Mary and the other 17 followers take time out of what I know are busy days to look at my meager stuff. The idea of struggling with the very issues that you are dealing with over at T&Lo, is daunting.

      • Scotty, I swear, there is a play somewhere in all of this. Think about it. The commentariat can be like the Greek chorus, dressed as their avatars. Celebrities can stroll onto the stage and stand for their assessments. Any Kardashian would get hissed off immediately, while everyone would bow low to Tilda or Iman. A Gaga would get buffeted between “She’s so freaking awesome!” and “She needs to just GO AWAY!” And Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law can stand there in that fateful scene when the chorus mounts a rebellion, with Jude mumbling, “Even I know I look idiotic, boys. You’re really just embarrassing yourselves.”

        Just think of all the themes that can be covered: toxic celebrity culture, narcissism, group dynamics, isolation in the digital age, the way people connect in the digital age, how people respond to success, how people treat each other with the anonymity of the Internet, censorship…. seriously, there has got to be real possibilities there. We should get on it!

  2. Out of this group, I really liked DiDa. He was charming and beautiful. Plus, gotta give props to my hometown, Windy City boy.

    Out of all the contestants, though, my current fav has to be Sharon Needles. I love that she stayed in character so flawlessly for the interview. She was FUNNY, smart and intriguingly weird. Her description of being a cross between GG Allin and Amanda Lapore was kinda brilliant.

    • DiDa definitely seems nice. I’m just not feeling any real uniqueness from her video. Of this bunch, I’m really intrigued by Milan.

      Don’t get me started on Sharon Needles! Well get me started, and I’ll post my feelings on her tomorrow! 😀

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