Cawfee Tawk

Here are more topics that keep rattling around like a pebble in my size 10 ½ Bass Weejuns. Grab your latte and let’s discuss.

Talking in Code

Republican candidates gather for the NBC debate in Tampa, Florida. Photograph: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

I love a good debate. And last night’s colloquy had it’s dynamic moments. Some non-political thoughts:

  • Ron Paul could really use some gays. Well, they all could. But then I guess that would kind of defeat the whole “ultra-conservative” thing wouldn’t it? Still, the poor cutie needs someone to get him a better fitting suit, and some contemporary styling. Of course that rumpled great-uncle-at-the-family reunion look is working for him—so why change? If I weren’t gay…and black…and wary of most things republican…I’d vote for him.
  • Mitt, Newt, Ron and Rick sound less like names for a President, and more like names of the Twinks your ageing partner met at the Ice Palace on Fire Island, and invited to your bungalow for Margaritas. Come on over boys! We’ll form our own Tea Party!
  • Romney is really beginning to look like a Limited Edition Presidential Ken Doll: plastic personality and no balls.

Is it just me, or is “Conservative” another way of saying “Upper middle-class White Guy who is horribly afraid of change and/or anything that will usurp his diminishing demesne of power”?

Don’t Cry

I rarely get caught up in the Celebrity Couple Watch with which the media is obsessed. However there are a few couples that, for whatever reason, I root for. Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos are one; Heidi Klum and Seal are another. Like Kelly and Mark, the latter seemed as if they were doing all of the healthy things a couple should do to keep their marriage fresh and exciting. You can’t help but think: “If they can’t make it, who can?” Being an incurable romantic, the Queen hopes they can find a way to healthily work through their issues and stay together in love.

On a side note, if you ever wonder why the Queen keeps his card carrying ABM (Angry Black Man) status current, spend a little time reading the comments section of this Huffington Post article about Seal and Heidi’s separation. Every time I think we as a society have become more progressive in our perception of race and beauty, I’m bitch-slapped in the face. I KNOW this only represents a miniscule portion of the population, and that many, many people think differently. But I can’t help but wonder as I walk down the city streets: “Which one of you bitches thinks I look like a monkey, as opposed to the gorgeous demigod that I am?”

Just ask yourselves: In all of those Tarzan movies, who did the apes choose to pal around with? Just sayin’.

Profile in Courage

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Not much to say on this. Just that whenever you begin to think that there aren’t any heroes left in the world: think of her.

And she looks FIERCE as a brunette.


3 thoughts on “Cawfee Tawk

  1. Re the Huffington Post story on Heidi and Seal, looks like the offending post was removed, with a remark about it not meeting the standards. And considering the standards of HuffPo’s comment section, that says it all.

    Then there is this lovely one:
    “This man is fortunate, this woman is quickly going to age, wrinkle, and become very ugly very soon. She is getting old!”
    Which threatens to recharge my Angry Middle-aged Woman card, but, oh, screw it, I can’t even be bothered!

    But I was surprised and even a little sad to see them split. I’m no cheerleader for love these days, but not exactly cynical either. It would be nice to see SOMEbody pull it off!

  2. Ha! That’s exactly what Conservative has come to mean! And I love your description of Romney…too spot on and too funny. 🙂

  3. I used to read the HuffPo to see what the other side was up to. Had to stop, the nightmares were just awful. I don’t need that kind of negative energy in my life. any demographic based on lowest common denominator usually ends up in the gutter.

    Glad to see Rep. Giffords up and moving forward. Truly an inspiration.

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