Tea Time

All right Miss Things.

Time to kee kee over some tea. Just some things I’ve been thinking about. Discuss.

Oh, Oh Paula

The Queen has been inexorably drawn into the media firestorm Paula Deen created by coming out about her Diabetes (you know honey–The Sugars). Since I struggle with Type 2 Diabetes myself, it has been fascinating to listen to the comments surrounding whether or not Ms. Deen should use her celebrity as a platform for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s pretty damn obvious that all of this has to do with money, and the fact that she is now endorsing a specific Diabetes medication had a lot to do with the timing of her announcement. Personally I say more power to her. I have no need for her to become my culinary Sugar Guru. But it did remind me of how in the moment I am when it comes to my health. Since I don’t see symptoms, I’m sometimes tempted to have that extra piece of chocolate cake. Even as someone who considers himself relatively intelligent, it’s hard for me to deny myself certain indulgences and comfort food in these trying times–even though intellectually I know I’m damaging my body. Why do we blithely entrust celebrities with our health and well-being? So many times they are being just as unhealthy as we are (yes, Miss Lohan, I’m looking at you). Is it really their duty to do any more than offer their famous face to sell products?

“See Clem? I TOLD you this would happen if we let one of them make it to the White House!!!”

You KNOW our Commander In Chief must be feeling VERY comfortable in his position. He is letting ALL his brothahood hang out! Even referencing The Apollo! Be careful Mr. Obama: you might scare a few white people!

Tell me sir: do you sing to the First Lady like this to get her in the mood?

I absolutely LOVE IT. But I often wonder in this still very polarized country if showing his “black” side will further alienate certain groups of people. I so want him to be who he is, but I also want him to handily win another term. So confusing.


In researching stuff for my post on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I came across this phenomenal site and artist Chad Sell. He has an AMAZING talent–not the least of which is shown in a series of artwork showcasing last season’s Drag Race. He manages to capture the essence of each contestant with a simple stroke. Brilliant. Check out his site and show him some love!


3 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Hi Scotty! Ooh, great selection of topics. As for Obama, loved his bit of Al Green. And, no, I don’t think it will alienate him from anyone who matters in terms of getting re-elected. I’m afraid it will pretty much come down to Carville’s old chestnut, It’s the Economy, Stupid (afraid because the last thing the economy needs is handing it over to people who think that all the economy needs is for government to get out of the way). That and a lack of enthusiasm among Obama’s base. My youngest son really threw himself into the ’08 campaign, traveling on buses and sleeping on people’s floors to go out canvassing. And I’m afraid he’s disappointed. Well, he’s young and idealistic (as you should be when you’re young), but sometimes that means you’re not very forgiving when your heroes turn out not to be miracle workers. So THAT is going to be hard to recapture. I’m just counting on Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. Which they might do!

    As for Paula Deen, what stinks is she apparently got the diagnosis three years ago, and saved the announcement until she got her endorsement (and also got her son set up with a cooking show, “Not My Mother’s Cooking,” or something like that), but kept pushing her junk in the meantime. Not too cool, especially with all the criticism she’s gotten for so many years.

    Looking forward to your blogging RuPaul’s Drag Race! I’ll check out that artist.

    Oh, just heard sad news that Etta James died. They’re playing Obama’s song….

  2. Well, I’ll admit that I am a middle aged white woman living in the South so my perceptive is probably different from yours. I HATE Paul’s Deen’s style of cooking and always have. Everything she’s done in the last 3 years smacks of manipulation to me. My sympathies to you dealing with Type 2 Diabeties. After my husband’s stem cell transplant that was one of the lovely complications we had to struggle with. My MIL didn’t understand it was more than just cutting out the sugar and kept showing up with skillet fried cornbread made from lbs of lard.

    As for Obama. I’m just glad that if he is going to sing than I am really glad that he isn’t tone deaf. I don’t care about a politician’s race, or gender or sexual orientiation any more than I care about that of my doctor or my kids’ teachers or my auto mechanic. I care about competence and to a certain extent character. I think President Obama and his lovely wife have done a good job representing America. Sure, there is always room for improvement but I shudder to think what the Republican Varsity Tryouts would do with 4 years.

    Don’t get the drag thing. Don’t have anything against it but I’m kind of an introverted so as a method of self expression I kind of miss the nuances. But then I love stand up comedy but hate sitcoms. They always seem to be about people embarrassing themselves or humiliating others. I’d rather not. I have children for that.

  3. Discussing:

    1) Not much to say about Our Prez, except to hope his opponent digs his own pit & falls in it. Obama, I’m afraid, will suffer because the economy still has people hurting &, as Mary Ellen said, a lot of the young & idealistic who supported him last time may stay home this time.

    2) Kinda torn about Ms. Deen. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her keeping her diagnosis to herself & continuing to promote tasty, unhealthy food. It’s not as if, looking at her (& listening to how breathless she’d get if her t.v. appearance required much activity), anyone thought she was a specimen of ideal health. And, ya know, it’s not as if she dropped a ton of weight & started wearing spandex to show off her shape since her diagnosis. She obviously’s still been consuming some of her own cooking. No hypocrisy there. And she’s NEVER claimed the food she pushes is healthy.

    I do feel a little uneasy that now she’s a spokesperson for a certain drug, it rides the line of saying “take this and it’s o.k. to ignore your doctor’s dietary advice and the nasty end your Aunt Bertha came to because of her ‘sugar.'” But she’s gotta square that with her own conscience as do all ‘spokespersons’ for a product. She has a right to make some more money to leave her family when she goes.

    I love that kind of food, but I rarely fix any of it and none my money and little of my viewing time has been devoted to her. Because I struggle plenty with keeping my weight in check (currently doing pretty well, thanks for asking & you keep fighting the Good Fight yourself, Mr. Scottyf – it’s our habits that do the most good or harm), and want to save my splurges for the stuff handed down from MY people, not hers. So maybe I’m not as emotionally invested as some.

    3) Thanks for the pointer to the talented Mr. Sell. There’s so much more to see & read on line than I’d ever find myself.

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