Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. I still remember my mother and my aunt picking me up from school that day and telling me the news. She had tears streaming down her face.

    Ignorance and hate killed him and it’s still killing people today. Guess all we can do is try our best to try a little bit harder.

    • My godfather was married to Mrs. King’s sister, Edith. Sometimes when they would go to functions in DC with the Kings, they would leave their son Arturo with my mom and dad to babysit.I have vague memories of Dr. King visiting our house once or twice, and of me and Artie sitting on the steps of my house watching cars go by on the day of the funeral.

      It’s a little heady to think that a man who led a movement that changed the world, and that I admire so greatly touched my little world once in such a gentle, every-day kind of way. I feel blessed.

      • Wow, those really are some amazing memories. I was living in the D.C. area too at the time of the March on Washington (my dad was a Navy pilot stationed there from ’59-’64, and he ended up marching in JFK’s funeral procession) and I still remember it all quite clearly. What an amazing time and place it was to be becoming aware of the world around you.

        We ended up in western Massachusetts, but I came back to the D.C. area as an adult and lived there until just a few years ago. My sons are still there (with whom I just had a lovely visit). The oldest is a rabid Redskins fan, tailgates and everything (it’s been some tough few seasons for him!)

  2. That is very cool and a priceless memory. I think from some of your comments that you live in the DC Area. Have you been to the memorial? My last trip to DC was for an Uncle’s funeral in October and obviously no sightseeing was done. Every time I visit I promise myself I will stay an extra week to do the tourist thing and I always end up leaving like a hurricane. Nothing but devastation and destruction in my wake.

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