The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: The Clear Winner of Episode 2…

…was Anthony L. Williams.

No Miss Things, not for the dress. I mean, it was absolutely lovely. But we’ve seen it before. Can you say Jessica Alba?

He nabbed an even BIGGER win. But more of that in a second.

I understand why Austin won. And I THINK I understand why Mondo’s wasn’t up for the win–even though I gave a gay gasp when I saw his garment. Mondo is the real deal: a true Designer. I agreed with Mila’s assessment of Austin’s gown: “basic.” And even though I loved the clean lines of Mr. Scarlett’s creation, I wasn’t too crazy about his choice of textiles. It seemed to be tissue lame as opposed to, say, pearl. And unfortunately, I think it looked a little cheap and wrinkled. I’ll have to pay closer attention when I watch the episode again (as a side note: it is such a pleasure to actually WANT to watch an episode of PR again. If anyone ever desires to extract government secrets from me, they need only strap me in a room and force me to watch the last season of PR. I’d sing like a canary).

No. Miss Williams was the clear winner for a much more important reason:

Now of course, we can never truly know what that whole exchange was all about (*cough*little bitch*cough*). However, it’s been my experience that a FBQ NEVER lets someone touch their Jheri Curled head unless they’ve gotten REALLY close (*cough*dark and lovely little vixen*cough*). Even if it is just a close friendship, I have to applaud Lady A for stepping up his game (*cough*fierce little bitch*cough*).

Forget the damn gowns. Wrap me up in some Kashou, and send ME off to the Opera.


11 thoughts on “The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars: The Clear Winner of Episode 2…

  1. I noticed that too, and thought it was sweet.

    The other thing that’s sweet is the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night and spent a lot more time than usual in the comment section of that other blog, you know the one I mean… and discovered our dear SLF was only a google search & a few clicks away. I also read the argument and was sad to see the dissing and drubbing that the hosts indulged in. 😦

    • miss minnye said…
      The other thing that’s sweet is the fact that I couldn’t sleep last night and spent a lot more time than usual in the comment section of that other blog, you know the one I mean…

      LOL, I think it was pretty dang sweet of you to post.

      It’s okay to say the name. Let’s not turn them into Voldermort. I firmly believe that Tom and Lorenzo are good men who got caught up in the throes of the moment. To be honest, I had been unhappy for a while. It’s just that I so enjoyed interacting with all you great people of the commentariat that I pushed my discomforts aside. That particular dialogue just helped me make a decision I should have made long ago. It would have been great to have departed a little more amicably, but when you’re dealing with three gay divas, the wigs are bound to come off at some point!

      • I still think a lot of it was misunderstanding — because I like that storyline better in my head:) I don’t think any of y’all were wrong, precisely… more that thing where you have a fight via email because tones don’t come across.

        But I’m glad to see you doing your own thing here where we can get your thoughts on whatever topic strikes you, rather than being limited by the original material.

  2. Oh, good, finally get to catch up on this — visiting my Internet-less mother in Maryland, and it’s like a visit to a long-gone decade in, oh, so many ways. Had to scout out a little bandwidth. This was so funny. And I completely agree with you — I was underwhelmed by Austin’s, did a gasp at Mondo’s, and sort of, eh, about Anthony’s. But the Rami-Anthony moment was adorable!


    • *bowing low*

      I haven’t properly thanked you for sticking your neck out for me and the blog over on TLo. It takes a special person to offer such support and so many kind words. Looks like you even incurred a couple of people’s wrath, lol!

      I don’t know where this whole blog thing is going. But if nothing else, it re-affirmed my belief that the world is populated with some really beautiful people. Thanks for that, and everything else.

      • Oh, are you kidding? Watching people find you and knowing I had something to do with it is the most fun I’ve had all year! But being mid-divorce from a very long marriage (and without regret; it’s absolutely a good and necessary, if extremely stressful, thing), and that so often being about having the dreary “Limbo Rock” question continually answered anew, it’s an incredible tonic to see people come together for a change, in however small a way, even only in a virtual way. Sometimes small things come at JUST the right time.


  3. I really loved Mondo’s gown but not for the opera. Whenever I shop for a dress for ANY event that primarily involves sitting I drag a chair into the fitting room and plop my ass down and cross my legs. If I’m not comfortable or I’m in danger of exposing my love of high quality lingerie back on the rack it goes, no matter how much in love with it I might be.

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  5. I was fascinated by the Rami/Anthony hair thing. It reminded me that I had always felt there was something going on between Rami and Chris March. Yes, Chris March. Rami is an extremely sensual man and I detected a fondness between him and Chris that to me also had some physical manifestation. Or maybe I’m just nuts.

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