The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars

I can’t quite see doing a weekly post on Project Runway. There are more than enough wonderful blogs and sites that do a fabulous job in recapping and reviewing the show. However I will of course be watching, and—as is usually the case in reality shows—be inexorably drawn to the FBQ of the cast. So I will probably give my take on them from time to time throughout the run, if you REALLY care to know.

In regards to the show itself: I will say that after the last season of PR, the first episode of PRAS was like a sweet, refreshing and cleansing gulp of fruit juice after having vomited in your mouth.

But, before I run down the two FBQ of the group…

…’Cause he’s fine.

Rami Kashou. Ooooh. I done give myself the vapors *sips his sweet tea*. Now onto my Brother-Sistahs.

Anthony Williams

Aside from the fact that physically we resemble each other enough for him to be my baby brother; Anthony Williams is that burst of sunshine that flashes through your curtains first thing in the morning, and jump-starts your day. Earthy and effusive, the man captured my heart and funny bone immediately and never let go. Like a lot of FBQ he is smart and self-aware. He drew on his strengths during his season and almost rode them to the finals.I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t a fan of his aesthetic. I felt his pieces were somewhat one-dimensional and repetitive. It was often pointed out that he was more referential than fashion-forward. But none of US have Heidi Klum and Jessica Alba wearing OUR clothes, so what I think of his work and $4.50 will get me a Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks. My hope is that he sheds the naive country boy schtick (which I’m sure is genuine–but sometimes we black queens use it to keep from scaring all the white folk), and shows the group his fierce creative and competitive side (which I also believe is there).

By the way…did I mention that Rami Kashou is HOT?!!!

photo by Brent Dundore

Jerell Scott

Though I don’t always understand this FBQ’s Point of View, I very clearly understand that he has a strong one. In terms of the black cultural aesthetic of “More Is More”, I found his take on that design theory to be the most successful from all the seasons. And while I don’t share his personal style, I am in awe of any artist who makes such bold garment choices. The man has flair and panache. And he is all ready in his mantle to take his place as a New Millennium Apostle when Jesus comes back.

I wish these two FBQ MUCH success in the new season.

…but I’m still rooting for Mondo.

And I can’t remember if I mentioned the fact that…



7 thoughts on “The FBQ of Project Runway All Stars

  1. So glad you posted on this! I, too, thought the show was a breath of fresh air, after these past few disappointing PR seasons. Many of the contestants are definitely questionable, in regard to their “All-Star” status. But the ones you featured above are a few of my favorites.

  2. I think one of the pitfalls of having the multiplicity of reality shows that we do now, is a desensitization to the form itself. Instead of getting lost in the stories, we spend our time figuring out which of the producer tricks/edits are DRIVING those stories.

    For example, when I first saw the photo stills of the current PRAS cast–and immediately upon viewing the first few minutes of the show–I began to calculate which of the contestants were collateral damage in the first few episodes. Which designers were expendable? The minute I saw Elisa, I KNEW she would be going home in the beginning. It’s a shame, I like her. But that’s the way the Reality Show cookie crumbles, unfortunately.

    • Good point, and absolutely true.

      It’s too bad they do it that way, as the first several weeks seem to be filler, and we’re just waiting to get through the expendable contestants, so they can focus on the predetermined finalists. In this case, likely Mondo, Rami and Kara (my guess, anyway).

      Curious what you think of Austin…?

  3. On a fluffier note than the earlier comments: I wish I liked how Jerell dresses his models as well as I like how he dresses himself. If he were your friend, dressing to go out in public with him would be SUCH an ordeal. You’d know he was going to draw everyone’s eye & you’d know you were going to be compared unfavorably (or so I would think since I like his look.)

    • formallyAmom said…
      If he were your friend, dressing to go out in public with him would be SUCH an ordeal.

      I KNOW. See, that’s where the FBQ stuff comes in: I would say to him “Bitch, we are only going around the corner to the deli. WEAR SOME JEANS AND A T-SHIRT.”

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